Rosa Parks versus Outkast in real match

Rosa Parks was in court today going against the rap group Outkast because they used her name in a rap song that she finds offensive.
( I haven’t heard the song.)

The group says they have a right to use any name they want as it is a freedom of speech,and hide behind the first amendment.

Rosa Parks says she has a right to protect her name from being sullied, etc. Her lawyer says that because she is a civil rights hero and a leader for all people, her name should not be dragged in the mud like this. I can only agree.

I didn’t catch all of this on the news tonight, but I think I got the gist of it. ( I didn’t hear the outcome of the trial, if there was any, so if anyone knows, please let me know.)

What side do you choose?

I dont think they had any right to use her name without her permission. I saw her one night on a show, i think 20/20 or 60 minutes where she said she wanted to live out her life in peace. I think she deserves that right.

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

Should she have the right to live out her life in peace? I believe she does.
But her name is in history books. When a person becomes a “public figure” the ability to sue gets murky. This is what has helped to keep tabloids in business.

What did they say about her in the song? Whether it was defamatory or not might be pertinent.

The song (I downloaded the MP3 specifically to make a judgement) is total crap, but it doies not mention Rosa Parks at all in the song, only the title.

I would hate to think of the implications of this if she won, however. Does this mean that Sonic Youth could have gotten sued for “Bring Me the Head of Robert Christgau”? Would litigation go against Mojo nixon for “Bring Me the Head of David Geffen” or “Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with my Two-Headed Love Child”?

Heck, how about Mercury records suing Graham Parker for “Merfcury Poisoning,” or MCA taking on Skynyrd for “Working for MCA”?

Nope. I don’t like it. As much as I sympathize with Rosa (though I admire her far less than a lot of other civil rights leaders), Ill take the free speech side in this issue anytime.

NOTE: Someone could sue a band based upon liable, if a song misrepresented what they were about and was deemed not as satire (which is protected to a degree undfer the free speech provisions). But I don’t think that’s the case here…

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Wow, 5 minutes ago I would have sworn to anyone that Rosa Parks had died. Who the heck was I thinking of?

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

“I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game
To stimulate and activate the left & right brain
Said baby boy you’re only funky as your last cut
You focus on the past your ass’ll be a has what
That’s the one to live by or either the one to die to
I try to throw it at you just determine your own adventure
Andre, got to her station here’s my destination
She got off the bus the conversation lingered in my head for hours…” and it goes on.
And the chorus goes “Ah, hah, hush that fuss, everybody move to the back of the bus”
I had guessed that the “gypsy” was Rosa Parks and back of the bus was a metaphor for not trying anything new- resting on your laurels.

I never considered the song to be insulting to Rosa Parks other than the use of profanity in the song (not directed at her).

And Shirley, why don’t you listen to the song before passing judgement?

According to her lawyer, she isn’t suing because the song maligns her, but because it uses her name in the title as a gimmick to sell records (CDs, whatever) and it isn’t about her. Additionally, she objects to the profanity.

She’s got no case.

I think Rosa deserves a certain amount of respect for all she has accomplished in her life. It is not asking too much. Part of me agrees that when you become a public figure you give up a certain amount of privacy, but this is a woman who has led her life with dignity and grace. She’s not some Hollywood/Music flavor of the month. She’s done something incredibly positive with her life.
I am not a musical person in general, until this lawsuit, I’ve never heard of Outkast and probably a few months after the dust settles the band will fade away as being " What was the name of the band that got sued by Rosa Parks." Too me, in my little sheltered musically impaired world, they ( Outkast) are just another one hit ( if they even have that) wonder and got it not by talent but by shock value. Ergo,BIG JUMP TO CONCLUSION, Rosa wins in my mind.

As for Mojo Nixon and the “Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my 2 headed love child” issue. For being a musical retard that I am, I can safely say I have heard this song (Thanks to a friend with a very wide taste in music.) and I bet there are not alot of people out there who have heard of Mojo.(then again, I could be really wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time.) But, Satan, how could you forget about “Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin” one of my favorite ditties of Mojo’s. (In the song, the those not in the know, he’s trying to get into Martha Quinn’s pants and kinda stalking her.) We played this song at our wedding reception to alot of raised eyebrows. :slight_smile: Oh, and for you whippersnappers, Martha Quinn was a VJ on MTV. ( She still may be, but I haven’t watched that travesty in years.)

At the time, Rosa was a victim of circumstance, something i’m sure she would rather not have had happen to her. She deserves some peace.

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

Shirley, did you bother to read the link I provided or the lyrics? The band claims that they have much respect for Rosa Parks and the lyrics seem to support that.

You consider simply naming a song “Rosa Parks” shock value?

It’s a free speech issue. This isn’t a statement slandering her name. It isn’t an editorial implying that she molested children.

It’s a free speech issue, and she has no case. I hope the judge throws it out of court and laughs at her.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Why? I don’t hold her nearly as high as I do many other civil rights leaders. As far as I know, all she did was not give her seat up.

Why did she do this? Was she sick of oppression? Did she have the thought that such an act might make the world a better place? Did she feel defiance was her only way to deal with segregation, and had a well-thought-out plan to implement?

Nope. She was tired from working and didn’t want to get up.

Now, I know it took courage to do this, and the reaction it started was amazing. But that does not mean that I give her as much respect as people such as MLK, who put a lot more on the line, IMHO, and were far from “accidental” footnotes in history.

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Sorry, Satan. That’s not correct. Rosa Parks had been a secretary at the NAACP and a youth counselor for them. She was no more physically tired that you or I might be after work. What she was tired of was the racism. Prior non-movers were sometimes dealt with physically. So actually, yes, she did put a lot on the line.

Following the boycott and Supreme Court case, she dedicated her life to the civil rights struggle, primarily by making speeches and counselling others.

I agree with you she is not quite up there with MLK or others, but I thought the facts ought to be laid out.

I also agree with you that she should lose the case.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Thanks for the info, manhattan, but I swear that she talked about how she was just tred and didn’t want to move.

Maybe she was just being modest, but I also heard others repeat the info.

But now I know…

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