Office 2010 email inserting equations & Mathtype

I’ve recently switched to Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 from windows XP and Office 2003 (I think it was). I had and have MathType installed on my computer and linked into Word on both computers. This enabled me to easily insert equations into my emails because Outlook used Word as its email editor (Or at least that was how I had it set up).

Now apparently I do not have access to MathType while editing an email. I know I have access to Windows’ equation editor, but I’d prefer not to use that. Does anyone know a way to get MathType into Outlook’s editor or, failing that, make Outlook 2010 use Word 2010 as its email editor as it did back in Office 2003?

Mathtype 6.7 is compatible with Outlook 2010 (32-bit). You could also try this.

I’m using 64 bit Office and Mathtype is compatible with Office – at least it installed correctly and I can access it it Word. What I can’t do is access it in Outlook

In case anyone is interested, I got an answer from Design Science. You can insert a MathType equation by
Insert / Text / Object
and then selecting MathType Equation from the list.

Now I just wish I could find a way to customize the keyboard in Outlook as I’ve done in Word