Office lunch ideas

What do other office-workers have for lunch?

I have access to a small fridge and a microwave. I’m sick of sandwiches but I don’t want to spend too long in the morning getting stuff ready. I eat at my desk so I don’t want anything too stinky that will gross out my co-workers.

I eat leftovers almost every day.

Do you cook at night? Make enough.

Yesterday at the office, I had pork tenderloin, and swiss chard with onions.

Today, I have chicken fajitas with homemade mango salsa.

Dittos on the leftovers. Spaghetti, burgers, what have you. I make sandwiches some days but leftovers make the best lunch.

Purchase some refried beans from your favorite Mexican restaurant, take them home and roll up a few bean ‘n’ cheese burritos, using store-purchased flour tortillas. Wrap them individually in foil and freeze them. Take one in for lunch, letting it thaw somewhat during the morning so it’ll microwave quicker. If you have leftover steak or burger or chicken, go ahead and roll that up with them when you make them. This won’t be as smelly as some foods and much more comforting than a cold sandwich.

Leftovers. When you put away the leftover dinner food at night, pack a small container for your lunch.

When you make a casserole, make a bunch of single servings for the freezer. Works with big pots of stuff, like soups, stews and chili, too.

I’ve started keeping cheese and yogurt in the fridge at work and a box of Triscuits by my desk. In the morning, I grab an apple and stick some peanut butter in a Tupperware and I’m good to go. If I have other fruit on hand, I might bring some of that too.

You are brilliant!

Bean burritos with stuff in them is one of my favorite foods but the store bought refried beans never taste like they do from the restuarant and I am always disappointed when I decide to give them another try because it is just not the same.

I have never thought of going to my local burrito shop and buying the beans from them to use at home for home made burritos.

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight and possibly lunch tomorrow.

I buy frozen dinners, usually lean cuisine at 4-5 of them for 10 bucks.

How 'bout a nice apple and a serving of something from the salty-crunchy foodgroup?

Campbell’s Chunky soups make a nice lunch, too. I had Chicken Corn Chowder (with bacon salt, of course) for lunch today. You just need to keep a bowl and spoon at work.

Those frozen Crustini’s are also surprisingly good.

At this time of year some nice hot soup and fresh bread goes down well.

When I had access to a fridge and a microwave and a lunch hour, one thing I would do is buy 1-lb. bags of frozen veggies and divide them into 3 tupperware servings and season them to my liking. Favorite toppings were grated parmesan, a little bit of butter and dill, and pesto-basil or red pepper. Cheap, healthy, easy, and non-stinky. I’d accompany that with maybe a 1/2 sandwich, or a piece of fruit, yogurt, and crackers. Having something warm to eat mid-day always makes it more like “real” lunch.

Salads, leftovers, nuke-able soups, cheese, and a starchy-delivery-vehicle (crackers, or the teeny little rye bread loaves in the deli section), chunked fruit, and/or fresh veggies with a dip.

Those disposable not-Tupperware containers help make cubie lunches yummy, convenient and cheap. A couple of those blue ice-pack things and a cheap insulated bag or little cooler will thwart food thieves.

My favorite old standby is:
*bag of salad (any no iceberg variety)
handful each of 3 crunchy veggie (sliced radishes, carrots, broccoli, whatever)
cucumber, peeled and sliced
2 hard-cooked eggs, sliced
1 1/2 cups cubed protein (chicken, beef, tofu, whatever)

Divide each ingredient into 3 separate big Not-tupperware containers. In small zip-bags or Not-Tupperware containers, add 3 servings each of:
shredded or cubed cheese
grape tomatoes.

Put dressings of choice into 3 smallest-size Not-tupperware container.*

Then decide what to eat on the other two days.

Does nobody eat sandwiches any more?

(Had egg salad today)

I’d be the guy who would just stock the common fridge with my latest pickle, either homermade or bought. I love pickles and think they would be a joy to me and my coworkers. Rather than worrying about mine and everybodies lunch I would bring a “delicat essen” to work and throw it in the fridge. Maybe some gourmet stuffed olives, or pickles, or peppers, or salsa- or just some kind of savory in a jar. It’s not all about lunch, but a small contribution to everydody’s great lunch.

cous cous, I like the garlic and sun dried tomato one best, it takes a couple minutes to cook, (you heat the water and the spice packet then add the cous cous and leave it for 5 minutes)
that and a can of chicken is a nice super easy and filling meal, the only things you need are one of those almost disposable food storage things and a can opener.

And by no means do I mean to suffer without a lunch. I would obviously bring a lunch to work besides the pickles. Sorry if I was unclear. I just think Pickles are the ultimate lunch and snack food, usually supplemented.

There was this great Slavic (serbian… yugoslavian maybe?) macoroni salad that my German Exchange grandmother made for me that was very hearty with meat and hard boiled eggs, she served this with pickles. Complete lunch. I can’t remember what it was called. Any help?

I go through massive amounts of fried rice and hot dogs at work, both are easily microwavable.

Wraps (roast leftovers, ham, chilli, bolognaise, fajita, whatever) with salad are a favourite. I try to hold back in the guacamole and sour cream and other heavy stuff, cause I am losing weight.

I also regularly make toasted sandwiches the night before (vogels bread, cheese, ham and salsa/chilli ketchup/sweet thai chilli). Mighty fine, cold or microwaved.

A small tin of tuna and microwave rice is good.


Yum! This is my favourite so far, although the other suggestions have been great too, and have given me heaps of inspiration. I’m thinking heated vegies with some sweet chilli sauce would be rather divine.

I think you’re right that having something warm to eat is nice. The reason why having leftovers as lunch doesn’t really appeal is that I then feel I’m eating the same meal twice, and I like more variety in my diet.

I love wraps and used to make them all the time when I was in New Zealand, however I find the wraps I buy at the supermarket here (Sainsburys) aren’t as thin and pliable, so they tend to break as you wrap them up. If any UK-Dopers have suggestions as to where to get good wraps, I’ll happily go a bit further. I have Tescos, Asda and Morrisons in my immediate area.