Officers shot. One Halloween, Four Thanksgiving, now two more Christmas.

Two officers were shot and critically injured in Eatonville Wa, only a few miles from where four were killed around Thanksgiving.

They went to a domestic call, when the door was opened they were invited in then shot. One was air-lifted to Harborview, the other to Madigan

2009 has sucked enough! Stop it! :frowning:

One of the officers has been upgraded to serious, the other is still critical.

The shooter was an angry guy.

They usually are. Domestic disputes are a bad situation for an officer to walk into. It is often unclear who is the true aggressor, or what crime has been committed, as everybody has their own story, and while officers are trying to figure out who did what to whom, some guy (or gal) can just snap off right in the middle.

That being said, this guy clearly had a history of atavistic and violent behavior. The leniency and lack of monitoring and followup by the courts is disappointing to say the least. Part of the plea agreement rendered from the previous incident should have been a surrender of his firearms and entry into an anger management and monitoring program. Hopefully he’ll now spend a good portion of the rest of his life in prison, but that’s small consolation to the officers who were injured and their families.


He was killed at the scene.