Official Flower of Sweden

Does anyone know if there an official flower of Sweden? If so, what is it?

This says that it’s:

The squib has links to pictures and more info on the flower.

According to Skulldigger, who is a collector of Swedish stamps and reads up on their topics, the Linnea flower is a plant with edible berries much loved by Swedes. I didn’t see any mention of that in DDG’s link, though.

Being Swedish, I feel I have to jump in and say that Linnea is not a common name in Sweden, although it does exist, and that I’ve never heard of the Linnea flower nor its beloved berries.

The answer is that Sweden has no official flower. The different provinces (landskap) have, though, and the Linnea is the official plant of Småland, where Linné grew up. However, it has no edible berries, so I wonder where on Earth DDG’s source has got it from.

Just as a wild guess, Polycarp might mean the hjortron (Rubus chamaemorus), which has white flowers (quite different from the Linnea, though) and lovely yellow berries, which appear to be called cloudberries in English. At least the berries are, though not exclusively native to Scandinavia, quite popular there.

And very tasty, although some people claim it’s an acquired taste.

In sweden, we don’t have any “national” flower, though, as has been mentioned, our provinces do. And no, I do not like hjortron. :slight_smile: The taste differs, even in sweden.

Oh yes, definitely… either you love it or you hate it. (I happen to love it… mmmmmm, hjortron… :slight_smile: )

Mmmmm warm hjortron jam over vanilla icecream… If it is an acquired taste, it didn’t take me long to acquire it :slight_smile:

I believe they are also called salmonberries in english, as well as cloudberries.

And don’t forget Lakka a Finnish liquor made from cloudberries.

Heja Sverige!!!

cougher, sorry… couldn’t resist. :smiley: