Offsite Dumping

After visiting Best Toilets I pondered this question. So men and women, where do you stand on taking a crap in foreign surroundings? Do you avoid it at all costs? Do you tolerate it, yet feel extremely uncomfortable there? Do you relish in the chance to foul up someone else’s reading room, or perhaps like to mark your new territory? Or are you like me, where a crapper is a crapper, and as long as she’s dry, she’ll do just fine.

Now supposing alot of you go to great lengths to avoid offloading some surplus away from homebase. Do you think it has any gender bias? What about sexual preference? Race? Social Class?

Do you distinguish between public and simply foreign thrones? In such, having no restraints in smearing up one of your college buddies perch, but being completely adverse to using that one in MickeyDs.

Mind you, ladies I’m taking about dropping the kids off at the pool, not just a tinkle. Yeah, I’m sure you put your ass in the same spot, but lets face it settling in for some solid BM time is a very emotionally different experience. None of that that I gotta pee, fuck it, detachment. When you’re laying a heat snake you become abundantly aware of your surroundings.

An aside, does anyone have any craptacular stories of distress in finding a suitably comforting abode? Maybe you bring along your own special reading material for a little touch of home in times of yearning. Whats the longest you folks have fretted over getting to that oh so comfy stool in your own home? Perhaps fought off a full day at the office in consistent need of relief? Maybe an long weekend camping? Perhaps the duration of a 14 day cruise in the carribean?

Hmmm, where’s my magazine…?

When nature calls, I listen, unless the facilities are really disgusting. That is all.

[slight hijack]My favorite public toilets are the self-contained self-cleaning ones in Paris. This was actually the highlight of the trip for my mother. Much more memorable the the Louvre (or as some people call it, the loo :D)[/hijack]