Ogdenites or SLC'ers--there are new Dopers in your midst!

So, we’re moving. Right now the wife and I are scouting out some homes, but we’re interested in seeing who some nearby Dopers are.

So, are any cool Dopesters in the Ogden/Salt Lake City area?

We’ll be out there all permanent like in the near, near future.

I spend a lot of time there as I have lot of family there.

Rico and cadolphin live in southern Utah. Not too far away. And there are scads living in Vegas.

Welcome—Though I am new around here (but read the board for years before signing up) I have spent the majority of my life in SLC…

I love live music, travel and exploring the natural beauty of Utah, so if you need any advice on entertainment options here behind the “Zion Curtain”, a quick primer on the wierdo liquor laws, or just a heads up on the best burrito in town, make sure to let me know!!!


I live in Salt Lake. It’s a surprisingly fun place to live. Lots of things to do. Lots of good food. Lots of fun places to camp/hike/boat/fish.

I’m only an hour and 1/2 away over the border in Wyoming. Welcome to the neighborhood. I am very familiar with both places, and would love to meet you some time.

Hill, is it? My mom & step dad work there as civilian airplane mechanics.

It’s pretty, when I visited. Good luck!

Awesome! We’re headed back to the East for the time being, but yup, we like the area–I’m looking forward to getting “lost” in the Wasatch for a few days. I think we’ve settled on a place nearby, but are going to be looking for ‘weekend/family stuff’ to do.

Tell me about downtown SLC. What kind of museums and theaters are there? Also, is there any hockey (probably minor league) around?

Much obliged for the

I’m down HERE. Come visit if you wish.