Way early planning for possible SLC dopefest

Damned close to 2000 posts, and this is my second MPSIMS thread. Guess I’m getting all gooshy in my old age.

Being stuck in the boonies of the inland Northwest, I keep missing out on the midwest and east coast doper gatherings (everyone say “awwww”), so I figgered I’d throw one together.

I’m spending most of a week in Salt Lake City in November for a conference. I know there are a handful of SLC Dopers and would love to get together with folks and meet IRL. I’m asking now because I need to make my conference and plane reservations soon and need to know if I should plan an extra evening.

No need to make a commitment now, but I’d just like to get a feel for interest–who might be up for drinking a beer at Squatters or sucking down some cheese fries at the ol’ Training Table with po’ lil’ me?

If it comes together, I’m in.

I was going to try the vegas meeting, but it looks like no go. A SLC get together would be great!


I’m there!

Byz? Snark? (I’m glad to see you are gonna try to be there Ugly!!! :))

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . Squaters

There are a lot of possibilities for meeting places:

The Great Salt Lake dinner boat (Sunset over the lake, dinner, drinks, and the view of the city lights from the middle of the lake. Very nice).

Any number of pubs in Park City.

Ogden has a few fun places on Historical 25th Street (Brewskis and the City Club) and Salt Lake has a few great clubs as well.

Of course Squaters.

And, if all else fails, I have a big patio, a BBQ grill, and a hot tub.

Now, I can’t make it because I don’t live in Utah anymore. But if you want to go to a nice, inexpensive place in Park City (Yes, they do exsist) you MUST go to the Red Banjo Pizza Parlour on Main Street in Park City. It’s affordable, it has a great atmosphere, and they’ll bend over backwards for you if you have a large group. The pizza is to die for, and the woman who owns the place if positively delightful.
I can’t even say enough good things about that place. Plus it’s in walking distance of The Cozy, and the bar right up the street from the Banjoy…can’t remember the name. Real nice place though, so you can go there after dinner.
Great, now I miss it…

You betcha! I may be 99% lurker, but it’ll take a major roadblock to make me miss a meet in my own town.


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Ugly and Diane, thanks. We’re up to 3. Hoody-hoo!

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Byz? Snark?

Ugly - You are my favorite 99% lurker. :slight_smile:

Will this be around the Thanksgiving holiday? I’ll be visiting family in SLC then.

I know there’s a couple of more Utah dopers out there. And maybe we can get a few folks from the surrounding area. I know Techchick is going to the Vegas Dopefest, but who knows, maybe she can get by SLC, or maybe other Colorado dopers can get over here.

If not, the three or four of us can get just get together for dinner and drinks and make fun of the rest of them! :slight_smile:


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beaker, it’ll actually be earlier in the month, over Election Week.

Guess your idea is the best, ugly. I’ll let y’all know a little closer to the date and we can grab a beer.


Count me in; I’m only a 5 hour drive away!