Oh Canada...your money

I just read this…

On a Canadian two-dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building is an American flag.
Is it true??

It’s the $10 dollar bill (the old one that’s just starting to be phased out)…

If I recall, it’s not actually the US flag… it’s something else… but on quick inspection, it certainly looks like it.

Here’s the snoopes treatise on the OP:


It’s actually the Red Ensign.

Thanks Wooba…

That’s a relief. I thought y’all knew better.

Thanks Xgemina
Interesting story there.

The snopes page is generally accurate, except for the illustrations they use for the Red Ensign. Those illustrations have the current coat of arms, which was granted around 1921. The red ensign that was used during PM Macdonald’s and Laurier’s time in office would have had the old coat of arms, which was a schmozzle of all the provincial shields.