No Canadian Flag in BC

The Wikipedia is running a nice panorama of the BC Parliament building as today’s “featured picture.”. A freakishly large file it is too. See if you can find the only two people in it.

In any case, the provincial flag is flying, so is an olympic flag and a flag I cannot identify, but no maple leaf. Why is that?

Looks like the other flag is for the para-olympics. There is a Canadian flag though its located at the north east corner of the setting.

If you look carefully, you’ll see the coat of arms sculpted into the façade above the central portico is wrong.

They had designed their own coat of arms, and apparently had it sculpted onto the building before having it approved; when they submitted it to the College of Heralds in London, the relevant authority at the time, it was returned with corrections (the Royal Crest could not be used unmodified, and the Union Device could not be placed in the lower position on the shield).

Pretty building, eh? I remember reading something by the photographer… It is a stitched image, and he did clone out any rubbish on the lawn. It must have been taken in the very early morning, because normally there are people on the grass, wandering around, taking pictures, and so on.

Because it’s a provincial legislature, not a national legislature. It’s not like they’re legally required to fly the Maple Leaf.

I cannot recall the last time Canada’s flag was up in front of Quebec’s National Assembly, and last year there was a big spat between Newfoundland and Ottawa, so Danny Williams yanked down (or threatened to…) the national flag there.

Interestingly, when the Fleurdelisé flag was introduced in 1948, it replaced the Union flag on top of the Assembly’s tower. I don’t know if the Canadian flag was subsequently raised on the grounds, but it would indeed surprise me if it was found there today.

On this other hand, on this picture of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (taken by me), both the Ontario flag and the Canadian flag (in two copies!) can be found, as well as other flags which I can’t make out. It’s really the province’s business what they put there.

I think I missed the edit window by a few fractions of second. I can’t link directly to my picture of Queen’s Park, so consider this one.

I know the Maple Leaf is flying at Quebec city hall – it was put back up in the late 90s, over the objection of the mayor at the time.

Hey! I was just there on Thursday. I didn’t go into the Parliament building, but I spent the morning in the Royal BC Museum right across the street. It wasn’t as sunny as in that nice picture, though.

On the subject of Canadian flags: Did a prominent, well-respected Canadian die recently? I drove to Toronto from New York tonight, and at the Rainbow Bridge crossing at Niagra Falls, the Canadian flag was at half-staff.

It’s never that sunny in Victoria. The image is clearly a fake. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was up there just a month or two ago and I swear it was the best weather I think I’ve experienced in YEARS.

Unfortunately, in addition to the sun it was so cool out I didn’t even realize I was getting sunburned until I got home.

Sunday was the 30th annual Police Memorial Day, to honour officers killed in the line of duty.

Otherwise the border guards are big James Bond fans, because Lois Maxwell aka Moneypenny died on the weekend.

I am sitting across the street from the Manitoba Legislature Building and all I can see is one Maple Leaf flying at the street entrance. On the building there are only MB flags.