Oh, Cecil. Where are you? Beckdawrek summons you

If Ed Zotti was going to reply, why wouldn’t he reply as Cecil? Why bother to reply at all? Or am I missing the joke?

I noticed that Cecil is awfully young to have retired. I am envious.


Sad ol’ beck

Happy Valentines day @Cecil_Adams.

We all love and miss you!

Shameless kissin’ up is not bad thing, I’ve decided.

Beck, I would gladly switch places with you, if only Cecil would leave me alone! Please take my advice and don’t poke the bear, if there’s one thing you don’t want to be it’s the target of Cecil Adams’ unhealthy fixation. It has the potential to get very ugly very fast. Be smart, just drop it; find someone or something else to moon over, you seem like a nice person but take it from me, you are edging toward a trap door - one I wish I’d noticed before it was too late. Save yourself!

You finally got your wish!

And, to prove that Discourse treats everyone equally, the first column from Stright Dope 2.0 has a Discourse note “It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cecil_Adams - their last post was 2 years ago.”

We’ll never hear the fucking end to this… :roll_eyes:

Hey, sometimes a plan just works out perfectly…



I love it when a plan comes together

Me too. Me too.

I don’t know what this says about me, but my first thought when I saw the big news wasn’t, “Hooray! The Master returneth!” though I’m certainly glad about that. No, it was, “Oh, Beck will be SO happy!”

Now we just have to lure him to Arkansas.

I was so SO happy when I was personally informed. :hugs:

So what did it take to summon Cecil? Pentagram? Cauldron? Virgin sacrifice?

Neediness, my clever repartee and a little woo.

You talked the ghost into helping you, didn’t you?

Lemme tell you, that ghost is driving me crazy. Noisy is an understatement.

And he apparently appreciates sage.

So I tried sandalwood.
We’ll see how that goes. I am enjoying a hippie vibe in my room, at the moment.:upside_down_face:

When does the patchouli enter the picture?

Next trial.

Maybe it would find a lava lamp soothing.

Some tie-dyed curtains would be nice.