OH ÇR@¶!

The front door is open, and the smoke is clearing out fairly well at this point.

I’m thankful that my daughter wasn’t hurt, but I’m minus the high-res monitor that we use on the file server in the living room–oh brother, this thing is seriously toasted!

My oldest daughter tripped and the orange juice she was carrying (according to Murphy’s immutable Law) found its way into the high voltage section of the monitor…don’t need to look…don’t want to look.
:::banging head on desk:::

My first reaction was to dash towards my daughter and make sure that she wasn’t hurt, and to make sure that she didn’t get zapped. She and I both looked at the fireworks (ok, there wasn’t really anything spectacular about it except a few small snapping sounds and loads of smoke) and then at each other–I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

I comforted her, and assured her that it’s ok…that it was just an accident and that I’m simply glad that she’s ok–which, of course, I am.

The monitor is unplugged, the breaker is reset, the mess is cleaned up and she’s watching TV–she thinks that I don’t notice the sideways glances from time to time. Now I’m thinking about dollar signs–but I really can’t let on about that.

Time to go give her another hug.

Common ¢ for all ages…
“Well, there was that thing with the Cheese-Wiz…but I’m feeling much better now!” – John Astin, Night Court

EnigmaOne - you sound like a wonderful parent!

When our kids were very small, we had anything possible, phones, stereos, on high shelves.Now there’s a no food by the computers rule.

Enigmaone, will you be my mommy? I would’ve been crucified for such a mistake in my family.

Go give her a hug for me, too.

That’s great, EnigmaOne – not that your monitor got toasted, but that you can be so reasonable about it.

I have no kids, but I know they can try patience to its limits. But I’ve never really understood why people flatten kids for things that they’d just deal with if an adult did it. It seems like one should cut kids more slack, not less.

So how are you able to post on the SDMB if your monitor’s toasted?

Post Toasted? Isn’t that a cereal? :wink:

I post toasted all of the time. ;}

Well, I have two thoughts on this: First, some people “flatten” (verbally, if not physically) kids, spouses, etc. for such things. I grew up with an indiscriminate father in that regard (although I don’t know if he would’ve reacted that way with anyone outside the family).

Second, the people who do offer children less slack than adults are cowards seeking power. I mentioned this in the “How your teacher embarrassed you” thread–they feel a need to be in control, and overpowering children is the easy route. It’s hideously destructive, and just plain hideous.

I hate to be the one to break up the hilarious word play – but it was at a natural end anyway, wasn’t it?

EnigmaOne – I echo everyone else’s compliments on your parenting skills – please give yourself a hug.

But I was reminded of a similar accident.

When we first moved to Seattle, we lived with my folks for a few months. We had two small children and one on the way, and we camped out in their living room.

My son’s crib was just behind their TV set and one day he got up from his nap, diaper sagging, and peed into the back of the TV.

Mom wanted a new one anyway, but the repairman said it was lucky for Mike that he peed in fits and spurts cuz a steady stream might have given him a shock.

He’s 35 now and it’s one of our favorite things to razz him about.

Did he grow up to be a television critic?
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

{{{So how are you able to post on the SDMB if your monitor’s toasted?}}}—Staringer

Sorry Strainger. I guess I wasn’t clear on that point. It’s the monitor on the file server in the living room that got wasted–it’s not my primary computer system. It was one of the best monitors that we have though…not a small loss.

To clarify: we have six computers on a home network right now–something that solves a lot of problems for the household. I like working with hardware, and I buy components at wholesale…probably indicative of a sickness on my part.

Sorry Auntie Pam, I didn’t realize that my OP would come across as being self-serving. It certainly wasn’t meant to be.

Common ¢ for all ages…
“Well, there was that thing with the Cheese-Wiz…but I’m feeling much better now!” – John Astin, Night Court