Oh dopers! Why are you so pedantic?

*Dopers *should be capitalized.

Good response!

Also, it should be either “Oh, Dopers!” or “O Dopers!”.

One possible answer: someone has to be!

Pedants gotta pedant.

Pedants gonna pedant.

I’m not a pedant, that little kid is a liar!!

Pedanting ain’t easy.

Johnny! Stop being pedantic, and come here right now.

-Mama Bravo-

Now that’s pedantry :smiley:

(Incidentally, I think the concluding full stop can be dropped there, after ’ “O Dopers!” ', since the exclamation mark is already there, but perhaps I’m being over fussy.)

Since Indian is a registered member of the SDMB, the question should be either, “Oh, Dopers! Why are we so pedantic?” or “Oh, Dopers! Why are *some of you *so pedantic?”

Does anyone else think being pedantic is kinda like having a crazy foot that won’t stop twitching and gets you into all kinds of trouble?

No? Just me? OK then.

No, gotta. Pedants truly can’t help themselves.

Yes. No. No. OK by me.

Every time I get on my bicycle, I pedant all over town.

Serious answer: because I know the culture here prefers being technically right, and it eliminates having to do that balance of whether it’s important enough to mention or not. It’s similar to how I don’t think about how I shouldn’t use curse words.

Precise communication expedites understanding.

And shit.

I disagree. Without the period, the entire sentence can be interpreted as exclamatory, rather than a non-exclamatory sentence containing exclamatory quotations.

(I can do this all day.)

Example: I know virtually nothing about Doctor Who and have never watched any version of the show. Yet, after reading Alessan’s correction in the Where to start with Dr. Who? thread,

I myself have the urge to correct anyone I see spelling it “Dr. Who.”
It’s not always clear where the line between Fighting Ignorance and pedantry lies.