Oh, Hiya, Roomie! Oh, By the Way, They're Evicting Us

So I’ve been hanging out at my girlfriend’s for the last week, but I’m expecting an important letter back at my own apartment where I’m actually subletting a room and sharing with the original tenant. I come in and he casually announces that the landlord has had him served with a holdover notice of intent to evict and that “we have to be out by the first of June”.

Umm, I don’t think so. I have some bills in my name and a record of checks made out for “rent” and “Con Ed” from me to him and referring specifically to this address, and I’m off to Housing Court tomorrow morning to get me a show-cause order or whatever it’s called to stay the eviction to give me time to find a new place.

Umm…I live in the far-north section of Manhattan called “Inwood”. Anyone got any idea which housing court I need to go to? I know of the one in the Bronx close to Yankee Stadium, which is probably the closest one, but I don’t know if they have jurisdiction.

Oh, and by the way–any NYC area dopers interested in acquiring a part-time roommate?

I wish I new more about NYC housing laws. I should - I’m a law student and I live in Manhattan. It sounds like you’re subletting illegally, so you might not have any standing in court.

Check out Craig’s List and April’s List. Good luck.