Oh, I thought the boobs were attached to the shirt.

The seller’s title is very misleading. I thought you could put on the shirt and viola instant boobs! Besides, who’s ever seen a mannequin with a chest like that?

[http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=63868&item=5372324412&rd=1&tc=photo]Boob]( [url) Shirt


Boob Shirt

And if you look at the rest of what the seller has to offer, most of it is a spinoff of: SEXY STRETCHY MESH SEE THRU BUSTY NIPPLE BOOB TOP.

I’m gonna busty nipple!
And :eek: at the mannequin.

Are you the high bidder?

I wonder if they wil sell me the manniquin?

Whoa there. NSFW.

That is DEFINITELY a woman-niquin! Mammalian, even.

You know, one of the hottest things in Japan are women’s clothes that have an image of women’s naughty bits (covered in underwear) painted on them, so that it looks like you’re seeing right through the woman’s clothes. Perhaps this is the start of some new trend. And what are you doing wanting bigger boobs anyway? From the pics you’ve posted in the Doper photo threads, it looks like you’ve got a large enough pair, anyway.

I wasn’t looking for boobs! I was looking for a shirt.
And, no I didn’t bid on it. I get the same effect from wearing a regular shirt, plus a bra, thanks to my permanant perkiness.

How YOU doin??

I can’t believe I did that

Thought I’d never get a chance to do this…

But yeah, that’s one seriously stacked mannequin. Interesting choice of display, if nothing else. Maybe JC Penney and Belk ought to take note.

Ha ha.

I’m not so sure stores need to have mannequins like that. I predict large crowds blocking the shoppers. Reminds me of the guys who used to come and hang around the hosiery department, looking at the leg mannequins.

Well, consider me, significantly bummed out by that news.
Now that I think about it, a friend of mine and I were walking through a department store when we both came to a sudden stop, shocked by what we saw. It was a mannequin in the young girls department and it had very prominent nipples. Kind of disturbing since the mannequin was supoosed to be a pre-teen girl.

Wherever… I move… they follow me!!! :eek:

You’ll poke your eye out, kid.

Eh, he’d just go blind anyway.

WOW!!! You mean it shows off your boobs AND you instantly learn to play the viola?!?!

I keed; I keed because I love…