Oh, just YOU. Ooooookay.

I’m too tired to do a full rant, but it’s a simple topic.

Busload of kids going to church camp crashes. Survivor says,

The reason church buses keep getting into accidents is because the churches buy pieces of shit that aren’t up to safety standards, because they’re cheaper. The indirect result of this negligence is artificial proofs of faith such as this.

“God looooooooves me, that’s why I’m not dead! Oh god, why did you take my best friend?”

How can people believe in a god who gives and takes so arbitrarily? If people who missed being in the WTC at 8:40 am believe that god caused that to happen, how can they believe that the same god neglected their friend in the next cubicle?

Because God works in mysterious ways, of course.

Obviously, those killed were ready to be accepted into the kingdom of Heaven at the expense of the rest of those damn sinners, who got to suffer some pain. Two birds with one stone, and all that.

What a little airhead.

Because God loves them so much that he had to take them?

Not a very satisfying answer, is it?

I prefer this:

I roughly translate that to be saying ‘shit happens’.

A similar sentiment is expressed by the “Christian” lesson cited in the OP of this thread. :rolleyes:

How can one say “God protected me” even though he witnessed his friends die? Well, they were on their way to a “Christian” Camp, no?

On the radio yesterday,
the DJ said he talked with a reliable source concerning the fact that the bus driver (who died) was fired from another company a week or so prior to the accident in regards to sleeping at the wheel.

I don’t know how much of it is true.

pretty sad stuff.

This is soooooooooooooo true. You have officially entered my cool book.

This is soooooooooooooo true. You have officially entered my cool book.

In fact, you’re so cool that you’ve entered twice.

Yep…that’s the fucked up thing. Next time I win a Super-Bowl, I’m gonna spurt “I thank God first, nevermind those other fucks who went to church from the other team…I must’ve prayed louder”.
Buncha fucks. (But, I wish I could write a book that could be interpreted in any way someone wished).

Yeah that sort of thing is a big reason I’m not a christian. I just don’t understand how people can say shit like that about “It was their time, just not mine, God saved me.” My view is best described by what an Episcopalian reverend said at my friend’s funeral. He said that horrible things happen sometimes for no reason, and those things made God just as sad as we are. I don’t know if that is the general view of the Episcopalian church, but I mostly agree with what he said. Well, I guess those kids have been brainwashed quite well if they can go through that and believe that it was God’s will that they were one of the few saved while others died around them.

I was thinking of that, yes.

BNB You don’t sayyyyyyy…

So God is a micro-managing busybody?

Who seems to take particular delight in tormenting my wife.:mad:

Perhaps not, but that’s the way you should probably bet.