Oh, Marley, why? (closed thread)


Whatever happened to the policy of, “Let’s let the SDMB amuse themselves for a while”?

I refer, of course, to our new guest who seems to believe that
playing games with
makes his anchor arguments more convincing.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. While I’ve got your attention, you have become an extremely good mod. I apologize for my previous lack of believe that you could or would. I was wrong.

And he didn’t even use big-ass flashing rainbow text to close it, as the rules surely demand. (Don’t they?)

I agree, Marley’s a good mod. He has, as my dear old mother used to say, a head on his shoulders.

Quit flattering him. He’s got a big enough ego now. :smiley:

I’ll give him the shoulders. YOU can give him head.

The annoying thing is that I was about to post a link to an informative article chock-full o’ stats and insights that show that illegal immigration from Mexico has been plummeting recently, mostly due to improving conditions in Mexico (contrary to popular U.S. perceptions) and increased enforcement and dwindling prospects for illegals in the U.S.

So, since I’m not interested in starting a new thread (and it would probably turn into a clusterfuck anyway) I’m just gonna quote it here to get it out of my system. Yell at me if you must, I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, when there’s a smackdown or closure to be given, I’d like to see mods superimpose a neat, diagonal, luminous red line over each paragraph, and write in the margin (in vertical, bold-face, 20-point Times, with a contemptuous 2 Hertz flash): IRRELEVANT!

I wish that it had been moved to the Pit.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever wished such a thing. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why the thread was closed instead of issuing a warning when one poster told the OP to fuck off.


Consistency in moderating is not one of the strong points around here.

I closed the thread rather than warn the OP for ignoring my instructions, that poster for the “fuck off,” and one or two others for other comments. I thought that was a better solution.

Why couldn’t you do both? I swear I don’t understand why some people get warned for the most marginal stuff, and others skate away with clear and obvious rules violations.

Of course you did. Why not give someone from you side of the debate a free pass and simply shut down someone you disagree with at the same time? Yay for efficiency!

Seriously, dude, I certainly hope your fully cognizant that your finger is always on the scale—fuck, your damn elbow is on it. 'Cause if you ain’t, the problem is considerably deeper.

It’s a mystery I tall you. A MYSTERY!

Only of we could detect some type of pattern…

You’ve just been irrelevanted by the irrelevantist?

What Contrapuntal and magellan01 said.

And that is unfortunate, because in general you are a pretty good mod.


Ok so using the test of: “What if EVERYONE behaved that way, would I make the same decision?”, it’s ok for everyone to go into any thread on a topic they disagree with, behave like an ass and the thread will simply get shut?

Why reward the jerks who disrupt the thread by shutting the thread rather than warning or banning them for being disruptive? The method you’re using: punish the people who are behaving properly by closing a thread isn’t conducive to discussion

That certainly makes logical sense, to me. Just sayin’…