Oh.My.Gawd. This photo needs a caption...

This photo of a monkey having a smoke really needs a better caption than the one originally given.
My first try:

“I can’t believe the zoo keeper makes me smoke outside. Man, the zoo keeper’s fucking up!”
Original story.

They say it’s a filthy habit. But so is flinging handfuls of crap at passersby.

Dave’s not here, man.

Hey, when your life expectancy is only 20 years in the first place, why worry about cancer?



You already win. This is so perfect.

“Ooh baby, that was so good! No one has a big red butt like you.”

Actual slogans which might be appropriate.

“Oooh baby, look at the legs on that one. I bet you like it a little rough, don’t you missy? Yeah, probably some some chains under there already. Why don’t you come on over this way you little minkster and sit on my proboscis? Yeah, monkeywoman, come on over here and peel Daddy’s bananna…”

Heh, it’d be great if he was wearing an ascot & captain’s hat, like those old Montclair ads.

(I couldn’t find a pic to link to. Bummer.)

5 minutes after hot monkey sex.

Injection of human brain cells and all I got was this damn addiction!

Bette Davis vowed she’d be a smoker until the bitter end.

Bonzo…James Bonzo.

Heh, heh. Or: The real fate of the Marlboro Man.

Clear proof of evolution.

Heh–that was the first one that crossed my mind.

The years have not been kind on Donald Sutherland.

Brilliant! We also would have accepted Keith Richards.

To heck with cancer; how about the tests on lab monkeys that prove smoking turns your hair green???

  1. Shit…where’s my scotch?

  2. Monkey see, monkey do.

  3. Evolution works.

  4. Soon, Chi-Chi would have enough Camel Cash for the embossed lighter.