Oh my god please shut up about the stupid dress already

What color is the dress after it’s been through the ALS ice water challenge?

There are all kinds of fascinating optical illusions all over the internet. What’s puzzling is why this one was blown so far out of proportion.

Go ahead, take the cheap shot, now I am curious.

Good Christ, where are they even supposed to start?:eek:

That is absolutely and completely wrong. People were seeing both colors from the same images on the same screens. Some people saw both from the same image on the same screen. It had nothing to do with multiple images.

See my comments re the 6 page thread. According to the experts there, you are incorrect. You *are *pulling off the condescending part though.

Some people just see a blue dress, some can only see the white… wait, are we talking about Monica again?

I’ve been hoping for at least one dress-color-argument inspired homicide before it does pass.

Imagine the left cheek as a (very) large clock face. Put the initial bite at right about 8:30.

Well, I sure hope the semen stain wasn’t blue and black! :eek::stuck_out_tongue:

And the dress is clearly green and orange. Duh. :smiley:


in order for them to do that you would have to pull up your dress (of undetermined color).

Thanks, Duckster! Blast from the Past!

Social media doesn’t know when to stop; they always drag on a story about 2x too long. The dress color issue was interesting for about 1-2 days. Not 3-4 days.

The problem isn’t with #thedress, which is actually a really cool sort of crowdsourced citizen-science demonstration on the physiology and psychology of color vision. The actual problem is twofold:

  1. Societal sexist assumptions that the subject is automatically trivial and mockable because looking at dress colors is just girrrrrrrrrrly. (I guaranfuckingtee you that if the photo in question had been a similarly color-ambiguous amateur snapshot of, say, a striped shirt on a famous male soccer or rugby player, 95% of the people now sneering at #thedress would instead be eagerly discussing how interesting and informative this serendipitous optical illusion turned out to be.)

  2. Topic saturation on all forms of digital news and social media, which nowadays are expected to be constantly active 24/7, so they all keep repeating and rehashing and revisiting every story over. and over. and over.

That’s…not at all what was going on, nor why it was so interesting to people.

And, really, the MOST interesting thing about it were the superior, dismissive sorts who thought they knew exactly what was going on when they actually missed the point entirely.

Your guaranfuckingteeing it doesn’t make it so. I don’t care what it’s a picture of, it’s gone way over the top. So your number 2 is correct. You’re number 1, not so much.

Just shut up about it.

Who cares what color it is - does it make my butt look big?


You look mah-velous.