Oh my god please shut up about the stupid dress already

That stupid dress. Is it blue? Is it black? White? Gold? WHO THE HELL CARES. It has infested my tumbler, cheezburger, and every other aspect of social media I frequent. Major news places are writing articles about the dress. WHY IS THE DRESS BLUE? The entire Internet is infected by this stupid dress. Forget what’s her face’s ass. This has broken the Internet. And then I come to the Dope and there’s a six page thread on it.

I can’t be the only person in the world sick to death of this damn dress!

Your options were to let it fade away like every other social media fad in this ADD age, or to start a thread about the dress.

Strange choice.

And you’re doing your part to keep it that way.

:rolleyes: I felt like bitching about it. I came to the Approved Portal of Bitching. Bite my butt, both of you.

So it’s making you see red?

what dress?

Frankly the entire dress phenomenon is very very cool on a number of levels. It says a lot about how we see color, sure, but also the world, the internet, and one another. It contributes to shaking up our assumptions about shared reality, and serves in some small way to illustrate that normal people, people we know and respect, can fundamentally see the world differently. This is a Very Good Thing.

As a colour blind weirdo I’ve found it very interesting, its been a chance for other people to have a little glimpse into a world where colour is not always a certain thing.

TV also. I often keep the TV on while doing other things, and often it’s on MSNBC. It seems like every host on that station had to do a segment on that damned dress. I actually saw a panel discussing it.

I’m not just sick of it. I’m also puzzled by the ridiculous amount of attention the media is paying to it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but this seems completely out of proportion. With everything that’s going on in the world, this is what they do special segments on?

I guess they think it improves their ratings and, sadly, it probably does.

First, you have to tell us what color your dress is. :smiley:

Oh, by the way, it’s white and gold you color-blind idiots! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the thing. It was amusing, and interesting, and then everybody acted like it was the second coming. Grrr!

ETA: I refuse to even say what color I thought it was. It was ugly, is all.

Absolutely. Because there’s no way I’m biting a butt covered by an electric-blue-and-silver dress.

When that dress picture was trending my thoughts were: “I see a badly exposed photograph with terrible white balance… why, what do you see?”

I’m a little confused. Should I shut up about the blue and black dress, or about the white and gold dress?

It was never amusing or interesting. It was stupid from inception. One image showed one colour and the other image showed another depending on whether or not the white balance was blown out for that particular photo.

Why did you have to be the one who made this post? I like you. Why couldn’t a set up line like this have come from somebody I don’t like or, at least, somebody over whom I wouldn’t feel bad for taking a cheap shot?:mad:

I understand the annoyance but on the other hand it’s nice that they’re focused on something that isn’t death and destruction.

I think the whole thing is fascinating, as apparently do a whole lot of people. And I don’t think anyone view it as “news”, per se, but just an interesting phenomenon that everyone can experience / participate in.

What I don’t understand are the people who understand the optical illusion due to their profession or whatever and just can’t possibly conceive of people being fascinated or not understanding. If you check out that 6 page thread you’ll see some pretty condescending posts.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for a Pit thread to be started.