Oh my. I look GOOD in this dress!

A dear friend of mine is renewing her wedding vows in a couple of weeks. Her wedding was quite small, so this time, she and her husband are doing a big, formal affair. She’s asked me to be a bridesmaid, and I accepted.

Got fitted for the dress today. When I saw it on the hanger, I thought to myself, hey, that’s a nice-looking dress! Hope it looks as good on me as it does hanging there.

Then I put it on.

I have not looked that good in years. I looked so good, I startled myself. It’s a long sleeveless dress, with over-the-shoulder straps & those straps that hang down your arms, around your shoulders. The cut has a curve to it, so it is REALLY flattering to one’s cleavage & hips. It’s not snug, but it hangs correctly. No frills or bows, just very chic & classy.

I cannot WAIT until this event. Oh man, I cannot wait. :smiley:

When do we get to see it?

Links! We want to see pictures!

Betcha look better out of it. :wink:

You’re lucky. Most bridesmaid’s dresses are hideous.

I think the “ugly bridesmaid dress” is going out of style (not that it was ever in style except in weddings). My brother got married in October and his wife had her bridesmaids wear regular knee-length evening dresses in a dark blue.

Very stylish. And they could actually wear them again someday…


I’m not going to make my friends where the same nasty-looking stuff they made ME wear.

Al, I’ll bet you look great in the dress! Send pictures!

The wedding isn’t until the 25th. I’ll post a pic afterwards.

Heh. Wouldn’t you like to know. :smiley:

But this is the kind of dress that, in all honesty, would make a normal guy say “hey honey, think maybe you could leave that thing on for a little while longer? Yes, the shoes too, please.” :wink:

Actually, the trend I have been seeing lately is the “wear whatever you want as long as everyone wears the same color”. The last wedding I went to, the bridesmaids all wore different dresses in black. They looked great.

But you see, we already knew you’d look good in anything Persephone.

Bring it to OhDope. As for the whole “Wouldn’t you like to know,” well… :smiley:

Okay. Who can I get to nibble on her exposed shoulders for me? :smiley:

think, that thought had already occurred to me. But only because I’m so damn egotistical. :smiley:

Arden, maybe I can talk BunnyGirl into doing the shoulder-nibble thing. Not only would that satisfy your request, it’d make thinksnow absolutely berserk. :eek:

Persephone, you vixen. I want pictures of that!


You’re lucky you have a bridesmaid dress that you would actually wear outside of a wedding.

Mrs. Bluepony's apricot-and-Beechnut Fruit Stripe bridesmaid number is still hanging in the nether regions of our closet still as fresh and new as the night she tore it off, just 8.2 milliseconds after we returned home from that event.

I made a stupid remark one day as we were cleaning out the closets about hacking the sleeves off, slashing it up to her waist, throwing some sequins on it and we can go partying in New Orleans next Mardi Gras.

She was not amused by this. I'm glad us guys get away with this shit for weddings. You can never go wrong in a tux or military mess dress.


Oops. Sorry. I meant to say “Most correct, dear Bluepony. Men do indeed look good in tuxes and military dress.”

Hey honey, think maybe you could leave that thing on for a little while longer? Yes, the shoes too, please. You gorgeous sexy sweetie.

:: dashing in breathless ::: did I miss the wedding???

Sounds like a great dress. I am a veteran of the god-awful bridesmaid dress scene myself. My credentials? A light pink flouncy dress with a fabric rose at it’s waist, with big pink floppy hat. 30 years later, I’ve almost forgiven her. I also have a forest green polyester number and a brown polyester one. Polyester was big back then.

when it was my turn in 81 to do this to some one. I was kind. I called my friend Annie and asked her to be maid of honor. She asked about the dress. I said ‘you’ve been a bridesmaid before, right? do you have a blue one?’ she had two. I told her to pick one.

I didn’t see it until the day of the wedding.

Hey, happy to oblige. Glad to help out Arden and you know there’s nothing I like better than a beserk ts. :smiley:

Pics, please.

Lots and lotsa pics.