Oh, shit.

That was the two-word quote on a poster my grandfather put on the inside door of the guest (of course) bathroom. It was a reproduction of a wood block print with gentleman standing around in top and bowler hats viewing a train engine that had made it half way across a broken trestle.

With that in mind, I’m sure you’ll understand why that phrase was the first one to come to mind upon viewing this page. :smiley:

There’s not a big enough :eek: …

Talk about burning your bridges…

There was a poster with a drawing of two teams of RR-track layers who met up in the middle of a vast expanse of prairie… about two feet out of alignment. I think “Oh, shit!” was the caption on that one, too.

IKEA used to carry a small poster of a B&W photo of a train locomotive which had ploughed right through the retaining wall at an elevated station (and came to a stop, nose to the cobblestones, on the street below) in France.

I remember that poster. I had one in my room in college. As for the photos in the link, “wow,” “ouch,” and yeah, “oh shit!”

The street sellers in Paris are fond of that one. The station was Montparnesse, as I recall.

Yep, that’s it. I was too lazy to look up Montparnasse to learn if it was a Parisian district or a different city altogether.

I hung the train wreck poster in the kitchen during a moment of unsparing self-mockery. Given my ineptitude in cooking and baking, it’s a fitting commentary. :o

I really shouldn’t be laughing at the pictures in that link.

Yep. Here it is. That picture is also on the cover of a book I used in college called “An Introduction to Error Analysis” :smiley:

That’s the one I kept finding while searching for a pic of grampa’s poster. I should’ve grabbed it off the door when I left. :frowning:

That’s amazing. My grandparents had the same poster with the same caption. If you find a copy on-line, let me know. (My e-mail is in my profile; I guess you can view guest profiles. I’m gonna become a real member soon, anyhow.)

Here’s the modern version of this perennial favorite … http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/TPC/Funny_Pictures/0001-1000/0001-0100/0074/TPC_0074.htm

As long as no one was hurt, I think it’s hilarious.

Does anyone but me find the picture of the wreck at Montparnasse oddly beautiful? The light and the dark, the old and the new. It’s not supposed to be there, yet it is there. Beautifully wrong.

This one gets bandied about my workplace quite a bit.

Click on the two small images for details.

Are bridges of creosoted wood common? It really sounds like a bad idea, as demonstrated by the OP’s link. Or do they not burn down as frequently as it sounds like they would?

My grandfather had the same poster.

I’m reminded of “The General.” :wink:

Hey, I used that book too! It was for junior year physics lab, if I recall correctly. :cool:

On a similar yet altogether disconnected vein…

I saw a card in a shop the other day that said “Holy Shit” and had a toilet glowing golden, with a Jesus-like figure staring into it.

I didn’t buy it. I bought the one with the sitting Buddha and a thought bubble that says “I hate my thighs” on it.

My grandfather worked on trains all his life, but strangely had no posters of them.

I hinghly recommend this navy safety site for some of the finest in “oh, shit” pictures, with cute little analyses of how they came about. I’m particularly fond of this one. (click on the picture for higher resolution)


Not as often as they once were. The treatment with creosote makes them highly resistant to weathering and decay. Hotbox detectors also afford trainmen notice of something awry usually well in advance of the “awshit” phase. :wink: