Oh the horror! Worst. Site. Ever.


Let’s play a fun game. It’s called “The How Many Bad Things Can We Say About This Crappy Site Game”

I’ll go first:

  1. Too many steps before you get to the actual content
  2. Flash intro waaaaay too long
  3. Can you say… Japanese Seizure Robots?
  4. Broken links
  5. Broken images
  1. The way it pops up as a full-screen page, getting rid of all navigation bars

Crashed my browser in seconds.

The flash intro (with the “loading site” text on screen) made my eyes hurt. Turned my computer screen into a damn disco strobe.


The main page doesn’t load at all in Opera v6.

Opened it with IE, out of morbid curiosity. Ugly.

I’ve seen worse than this, though this one does rank as being among the worst I have seen.

I really think the site should post a warning for people with epilepsy (I don’t have it, thank God, but I’d be pissed if I went into a seizure because of going to a flashy web site.)

I like the way the “sights” page consists entirely of broken image links … nice to know that worse web designers than me are still gainfully employed.

(I looked at that animation that said “Loading site”, and thought “isn’t there an H missing there?”, does that make me a bad person?)

One of these days my homepage is going to crop up in one of these threads…
Anyway, MY EYES!!!, damn those strobe effects, at least there was an ‘Enter Site’ button, not that entering the site achieved much.

stop the ride, i want to get off.

I’ll see your audiosarmusic and raise you a


that ones just a little weird and ugly. The one Opal posted is just plain obnoxious.

Oh, that’s too easy, Tapioca. There are, sadly, too many wretched “poetry” sites with all the tables within tables and super-frilly web graphics. Ack!

I agree, the OP’s cited site is terrible on a spectacular level.

Oh alright, in that case I’ll give you a wonderful hotel (or possibly music) web page.


Check out the “button” on the left (if you can wait for all the flash)

That’s more like it, Tapioca. :wink:

What a useless site. I couldn’t navigate hardly anywhere; things took forever to load so I gave up. And I have broadband.

Yikes! If you go to “gallery” and click on the Hollywood Video Wall, the second picture is of two guys peeing in toilets :eek:

I took a screenshot for those who can’t get it to load:

[ Link deleted by CKDH ]

ACK!!! I didn’t even realize what the top left picture was :X

I went back and checked the “gallery”.

Yep, pretty bad. And the music “loop” is pretty damned annoying.

Sweet mother of god, some people shouldn’t be let loose with Flash.