Oh those wacky Californians!

From the oldest zoo in the world.

Any sign of foul play?

EDIT: The oldest zoo in the world is Vienna’s Tiergarten Schönbrunn, founded in 1752. :wink:


Oh those wacky Viennese.

Oh those stoner whales!

You’re thinking of Santa Cruz, eh. :confused:

How do they know the whale was somebody’s sidekick?

OK, I’ll bite… why wacky?

[sup]Asks the now SantaCruzian[/sup]

Now you know where to chill next time you’re in San Diego. (Behind the polar bear exhibit, near the 163, natch.)

Ask somebody from, oh I don’t know, Arkansas. Anywhere back east. Back east being any place east of the ca/ne border.
I love Santa Cruz, BTW.

I lived in Santa Cruz in the 60s and 70s. I think.

I think I remember you. You refused to get off the Giant Dipper, right?

I live in Michigan. I don’t see what’s wacky about digging up a fossil of an ancient whale. It sounds cool to me.

I’m still on it, aren’t I?

I forgot!

Hey, I’m still a Texan at heart. I know this is light-hearted fun but I don’t get it. Is the fact that peeps in CA care about natural history that is funny? I would think that 3 million years old artifacts would be interesting regardless of where on the planet they are found. I’m not trying to be a buzz-kill, really, but why wacky?

I guess I should have put the “wacky” part in quotes. My intended focus was on the discovery, which to me is very interesting.
There’s a history behind the use of the term “wacky”, which is pretty boring. I can, though, relate it if anyone actually cares.
Sorry for all the confusion.

I’ve been living here for 15 years and only now realized that California borders Nebraska. Now, that’s wacky.


My intended focus was that any place that is “behind the [fill in store/school/rec center name] and next to the [fill in highway name]” in most California suburbs inevitably will be where the local kids congregate to get stoned.

You want to be careful wandering around stoned in that area of Balboa Park-- the Rube Powell Archery Range is right there.

Make that NV.