oh! were artworkers, not designers! i get it!

i work in a department called DESIGN, at a place that makes watches & clocks. we basically artwork & DESIGN the watches & clocks.
certain licensors have recently become unhappy with our watches, (designed in hong kong rather than us, by a dept called product development).they want new fresh ideas

good idea 1: they want to hire a DESIGNER, at about £25 an hour

why dont you ask us to do it we say.
but youre artworkers, not DESIGNERS they say.
you hired me on the strength of my designs i say.
oh they say. we’ll get back to you.

make these watches ‘rocky’ and ‘funky’ they say. meaningless buzzwords used by people with no imagination or concept of design.

fucking arsehole company that has no idea of who works for them and what theyre capable of. treated like the other number crunchers that work here we are. on a wage thats at least £5000 less a year than the going rate for a person with my (now) experience.
im outta here as soon as i get another job. i only took it in the first place due to being unemployed for 9 months before.