Oh wow, I totally missed that. "Making work pay credit" = unexpected windfall from the IRS!

So I got my tax refund last week. I wasn’t expecting very much. Funny thing was, the check was for $400 more than I was expecting. Exactly $400 more.

I thought it was a lucky mistake but I cashed the check anyway, assuming that the IRS would eventually figure it out and ask for their money back but I may as well hold onto it just in case they didn’t notice. Well, today I got a letter in the mail from the IRS. I initially thought, “wow, they figured it out fast”. But it was one of those “we found an error on your tax form” letters and as it turns out the extra money was not a mistake at all. I missed the Making Work Pay Tax Credit while filling out my 1040-EZ and they so kindly gave it to me anyway.

Those folks down at the IRS sure are nice. Merry Christmas, guys!

Now what to do with 400 shiny bucks I was never expecting to get…

Interesting - they did that for me last year but warned that I was responsible for claiming it this year. I did claim it because, well, free money! Definitely something for people to watch out for when they’re doing their taxes this year, though.

That happened to me in the 80s with the Earned Income Credit when I was a young single mom. Funny how the IRS sends the explanatory letter after you’ve already cashed the check. I, too, was wondering if it was a mistake, but I needed that money and figured if they wanted it back, well, good luck with that. :slight_smile: