Oh ya. You betcha we shore know how ta party.


I hereby nominate Minneapolis for the next International Dope-o-rama.

I’m having too much fun to give this a proper response.

I knew I shouldn’t have left!

New Orleans was 50th ?!??


Bah, like Mardi Gras can compare with ice fishing.

ICE FISHING, I tell you!

We’re number 32? Damn.

Wait… hey, we beat Cleveland!

Orange County CA is #2?

Oh, wait. Disneyland. I guess you can’t hold that much of a candle to the Happiest Friggin’ Place on Earth.

Except apparently if you’ve got ice fishing!

Wow, we’re 22 and New Orleans is 50.

Either the Mummers or scrapple, hard to say which.

Dammit, I’m pissed-Pittsburgh didn’t even make the list!


Wait a second. Minneapolis? What about Saint Paul? What is Saint Paul? Chopped liver?

But we’re Number One for fattest. Word up.

Obviously a study based on statistics is only as good as its statistics. Remember, kiddies, there’s Truth, Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

As an explanation for Minneapolis’ high ranking, the article notes “With 10,000 lakes, it also has more coastline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.” No mention on the quality of those coastlines, how many people use them for how much of the year … Which, I guess is the source of lno’s hilarious comment above … 10,000 frozen lakes vs Hawaii’s beaches. Yea, I’m guessing frozen lakes are more fun :wink: