Oh, yes, yet another winter driving rant

Rejoice, dear Seek Him, your search was almost over today. How silly of me to think that you wouldn’t turn onto the road in front of me after it snowed all day yesterday and you couldn’t get enough traction to go more than 1 or 2 mph. Luckily, that was only at the intersection. If the road hadn’t been as clear as it was, I would have slid right into you, ending your search for Him. Since I am usually a nice person, I would have tried to end up in the ditch, of course. Would you have noticed? No, not anymore than you noticed a BIG RED VAN coming right at you at 45 mph.

You were leaving the middle school, where I assume you dropped off your kid, and you were in such a rush to get somewhere before it disappeared off the face of the earth for all time, you thought you could pull out in front of oncoming traffic like you have every other morning. THIS ISN’T every other morning, you son of a motherless goat. Did you notice that white stuff on the ground? It’s called SNOW. It’s been around for months. It’s very pretty to look at on all those open fields. Did you notice your tires spinning a little more and your car moving a little less? That’s from the ICY SNOWPACK on the road from the SNOW that fell yesterday. ALL DAY. Did you sleep through it?

Is this your first North Dakota winter? Are you just not used to driving in these conditions? USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. DO NOT pull out in front of people on a two lane road when the road isn’t clear.

Instead of seeking Him, start searching for a brain, idiot.

I realize your light just turned green and now you may go. That’s how it works.

However, you might notice that I’m currently sliding towards the intersection sideways. If you’re thinking, “Say! That’s unusual! Cars don’t ordnarily travel sideways!” you’d be right. This isn’t a fancy new style of driving I’ve developed, I’m just sliding on the ice from last night’s freezing rain.

The thing is, I’m not currently in a controlled sideways slide. I’m doing what I can, but mostly I’m waiting for the momentum to die down. So please, if it’s not too inconvenient, don’t start heading into the intersection I’m currently sliding towards. If you just wait, I’ll hopefully be done soon, and neither one of us will have a problem.

If I could stop myself from entering the intersection, I would. You are currently stopped. Why not hang on until the situation rights itself instead of willingly putting yourself in my way? Thanks.

Err, Lego, what are you talking about? I think slidding into an intersection is a little different from jumping in front of a car moving at 45 mph (I take it the light was stale).

I agree with thi6, many drivers are fucking stupid. I just hope most end up wrecked and stop driving for the sake of other drivers. If you don’t want to drive fast, stay right (on the highways). If you’re in the snow belt you should, by law, require snow tires! I can understand a texan not being used to snow, but North Dakota?

Didn’t mean to confuse, I was just adding another winter driving rant. Yesterday morning I lost traction while slowing down for a red light. Guy in a truck, whose light ad just turned green, sees me sliding towards the intersection, and actually starts to pull out in front of me to go, because apparently the red light puts up a force field that will stop me from sliding into him.

Can you ummmm, send a few of those red lights equipped with force fields up Anchorage’s way? Most people here consider that even if the light is red, well HECK, at LEAST 4 or 5 more of them can drive through it!

Can I add another rant? Its a new pet peeve of mine, recently developed after buying a truck- people who don’t clean snow off of their cars.

I hate you idiots. I climb up on the step bars of a vehicle that is taller than I am, and I get rid of all the snow on it. Why? Because I don’t want to give some nervous driver a roof full of snow at 60 m.p.h. Now if I can get my ass up and over a six foot tall truck, surely you can sweep the top of a fucking Hyundai. And what’s with only cleaning off one window?!? Did you develop x-ray vision this morning? Or maybe you were planning on starting a high speed snowball fight on the expressway. Conditions wouldn’t be so fucking bad out here if you idiots would stop bringing fresh snow onto the road via the roof of your car!! AAARRGGGGGHHHH!!

Don’t forget about the people who only clean off the driver’s side of their windshield. It’s part of a new sport called Extreme Winter Driving. How far can you get when you can only see directly in front of you? Will you be broadsided while crossing a busy highway? Will you be rear-ended when you change lanes? The excitement never ends.

Uhh, let me see if I’ve understood things here - you were driving at 45 MPG on icy snowpack through a school zone at a time of day when folks are dropping off their kids? Around here the speed limit in school zones that time of day is 15MPH, even if it’s sunny and seventy degrees out.

Or did I just misunderstand the situation?

OK, and I previewed this, too. Let’s make that 45MPH, and leave the MPG statistics out of the equation :slight_smile:

No, sorry, I should have clarified, I wasn’t in a school zone. The other driver was turning off of a road that leads to the middle school. So far, it’s the only thing down that road, which does have a 15 mph zone when you actually get to the school. I was in a 45 mph zone.