O'Hare Airport Hilton--Anyone ever stay there?

My father has a one-night layover in Chicago on a trip back from England at the end of April, and is interested at staying at a hotel near O’Hare, mainly because he’ll be exhausted and has an early flight the next morning. I looked at a few hotels near the airport, and while the Hilton is the most expensive one, it’s also the most convenient. What we’d like to know from those who’ve stayed at the O’Hare Hilton or know anything about it:

  1. The hotel touts the quality of their soundproofed rooms, as the building basically overlooks the tarmac. Are the rooms really that soundproof or do you hear jets taking off and landing all night long?

  2. If he stays at the Hilton, we may be relegated to having dinner at their hotel restaurant. Has anyone eaten there? How’s the food? (I’m thinking we should take the train to Wicker Park and eat at a restaurant there, but I thought I’d ask.)

Thanks much for any thoughts.

  1. I had a few beers before bed, but I don’t recall the noise being overwhelming. Soundproofing can’t stop vibrations.

  2. I forget the name of the place, but a brochure in the rooms advertises a delivery place for “Chicago Style Pizza”. It was both delicious and massive.

They are in the middle of a renovation right now I am not sure when it is scheduled to be complete.

Almost all of the airport hotels have shuttles that run to and from the airport about every fifteen to twenty minutes or so. Most are within a five minute drive of the airport and have not only hotel restaurants but other options close by.

April is turning out to be a very slow month here and with some comparison shopping, you should be able to get a good rate (under a hundred bucks if its a weekend) within a close distance of the airport.

If you want to give me the date (send me an e-mail) I can see what I can do about a room somewhere close by.

The Hilton’s quite nice, probably the nicest of the Hotels surrounding O’Hare. While the soundproofing is not perfect, it is the best you will find in the O’Hare hotels. The loudest airplane noise I’ve heard in my stays there amounts to little more than a low rumble, with some accompanying vibration. They have three restaurants, all of them of middling quality, relatively good for hotel fare, but no great shakes. If you’ve got the time, take the train into the city, and check out one of the newer restaurants opening. I recommend Blackbird, or Spring. Either are well worth the time and money.

I had to stay there once when I missed a connecting flight on United (who got me a subsidized rate…still pretty expensive though!). I don’t recall hearing much of any plane noise or vibration at all, though my room faced the parking garage and not the airport. Being how pissed I was at being stuck in Chicago, having to pay to spend the night, having to get up 5am to wait on standby, having to waste another vacation day, etc. I think I would have been pretty sensitive to the jet noises, but it was just fine. The room was a bit on the small side, but that wasn’t a problem being by myself and just staying overnight.

I had a cheeseburger at the hotel’s sports bar restaurant. It was completely average. Definitely take the train into city for dinner if you have the time, even if just to see the city.

The best thing about the hotel is that it is connected directly to the airport. You won’t need to step outside at all if you don’t want to (in the dead of Chicago winter this is a big plus!). It can be quite a trek to get to the hotel depending on where in the airport you are arriving, but the way is very well marked. I imagine they let you take the luggage push carts into the hotel if you need one.

Thanks for the feedback. I think my plan of attack is to call the Hilton and check on the renovation (thanks Jane D’oh for the info), and see if my dad wants to stay there. I checked rates for the Holiday Inn and the Best Western, which were much less and both had airport shuttles, I think.

I am in complete agreement with leaving the airport area to have dinner. I’m actively promoting this idea. Even though Dad said, “Seeing you is the point of having a meal,” I still want to have something tasty. I’ve heard good things about Spring and Blackbird, banks, but I think maybe a good steak is calling our names.

Jane, I may e-mail you tomorrow after I talk things over with the Dads. Thanks for your generous offer to look into hotel rooms (for this and for ChiDope!).

No problem, just let me know.

Well, if it’s steaks your after, better make those Gibson’s reservations soon. With a little less than a month betwen now and his stay, you’re on the edge for Chicago’s best steakhouse being full up. Which would of course mean you’d be relegated to Mortons, or even overly dramatic shudder Chicago Chop House.

I also got stuck there for a night after missing a connection to Kalamazoo. I didn’t notice anything noisy and I’m typically VERY sensitive to noise.

I ordered a spinach artichoke dip from room service - pretty decent.

Then again, I was pissed at paying the money to stay there since it was my airline’s fault that I missed the flight, so I wasn’t too thrilled to begin with.


I got to spend 2 night there just before Christmas of 1975. I had just finished “A” school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and was flying home before going off to my next duty station. The airport at Seattle was fogged in and all flights were cancelled. I got some pretty nice rooms all to myself and we got to eat as much as we wanted at a couple of restaurants courtesy of Northwest Airlines. Airlines would never do anything like that today.