Ohh the Dewmanity

Some smartass writer was having fun with this story. :wink:

They were over dew for a spill.

Dew they know why it erupted out of the tank?


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Fantastic. I think this is enough for a Wikipedia category on edible floods, alongside such greats as:
The London Beer Flood of 1814
The Great Molasses Flood of 1919
The Honolulu molasses spill of 2013 (what’s up with molasses, anyway?)

Though the fact that it involves Mountain Dew perhaps stretches the definition of “edible”, considering that they apparently consider it an industrial hazard.

Kentucky Bourbon spill of 2003.

The Great Cow Skittles Spill of 2017.

I was taken with this sentence:

Yeah, dozens of overly-caffeinated deer and raccoons terrorizing the neighborhoods…

Not to mention if a Chihuahua got jacked up on it, you may need a SWAT team.