Ohhhhh, Lieuuuuuuu! This one is for you!

Herring Farts

First whale farts and now this? Is this for a term paper or something? :smiley:


Are you confused over the term ‘raspberry’?

It’s Cockney rhyming slang - Raspberry Tart = Fart.

Ah, right :wink: Learn something new everyday huh.

Mangetout, I bet they meant raspberry like when you stick our your tongue and Pfffft! in someone’s general direction…

High-Pitched Raspberry <— BN!

Now we know why there’s so many red herrings.

I’m sure they did, but the origin and meaning of the term ‘raspberry’ is the same in either case.

I just hope this is somehow related to bioluminescence.

But the weirdest part, if you read the whole article, is that they do it by choice to communicate their location at night.

Just like my husband.

Favorite cockney quote of all time:

So unless we intend to do this job in Reno, we’re in Barney.

::confused looks from other cast members::

**Barney Rubble. **

::still confused::


Anal Marco Polo?

I guess the fish school that farts together darts together.


Y’know doing a paper or something on farts would be a gas.

Unless your professor was full of hot air, then it would just be redundant.

You know, that used to be a much more common phrase 'round here before hot wings displaced rollmops as common pub-food.


This article reads like an Onion story… like the Superconducting Monkey Collider or something.

I’m not sure how I feel about the possible advent of GPF.

Ah, yes, uttered in the world’s absolute worst Cockney accent ever to have been recorded. The rest of the movie was a refreshing improvement over the original, but Don Cheadle should be ashamed of himself for that debacle. Perhaps that’s why he was uncredited in it.