Ohio 2004 election records illegally destroyed/missing

Story here.

The 2004 election results, having been accepted, cannot be overturned, of course. Is this pure carelessness, or is somebody trying to frustrate future historians?

Some background on the story.

It’s the usual Republican coverup of a criminal conspiracy. I’m sure they had a grand shredding party before the Dems took over after the 2006 election. It would be nice to see some scumbags go to jail over this, but apparently IINIIYAR. (It Is Not Illegal If You Are Republican).

I’d REALLY like to hear some of the moderates and conservatives who dismissed Dem complaints about the way the 2004 election was conducted in Ohio try to explain this …

The “LA! LA! LA!” form of denial has worked for them up to now – why change, just because some essential records were accidentally destroyed in contravention of express federal court orders and Ohio law in 56 of Ohio’s 88 counties?

Nobody’s perfect, you know. Mistakes were made.

You did notice that the court order was not issued until some eight days after the records could be legally destroyed?

Irrelevant unless the records were destroyed during that eight-day period. And it would be very interesting if they were.

Was there an eager crowd waiting outside the ballot sites, antsy to get in and burn?
I find such efficiency on the part of election officials highly suspicious.

Meh. This changes nothing. If it had been discovered in 2004 and prevented Shrub from taking office, it would be something, but even if the records do turn up, and they prove that Kerry should have won, it can’t undo the damage that Shrub has done, nor would it get him out of office sooner, since I’m sure the trail of guilty folks would stop long before it got back to him. Also, I think he could legitimately argue that he’s too stupid to concieve of such a plan.

Ohio appears to have a governor, secretary of state and attorney general who are all Democrats. If criminal charges are appropriate against those who may or may not have illegally destroyed the records, I’ll rely on them to act appropriately. If conspiracy theories are appropriate, I’ll rely on you.

Yeah, on preview, you said it better. I only disagree with you in that I think the trail of guilty folks stops somewhere in the neighborhood of, almost certainly not at the feet of, Karl Rove. He’s the Boy Wonder, the master manipulator.

Heh! If you’re rely on any politician in Ohio, whether Dem or Pub, to get anything positive accomplished, you’re betting on the wrong horse, my friend. Why, you might as well make plans to move to Canada…[sub]what. really?[/sub].

Never mind.

It’s another piece in the puzzle demonstrating that the whole Republican election machine is crooked and corrupt, something certain foks even on this board don’t seem to want to learn.

Hell, do you think that certain folks here wouldn’t find anything wrong with Shrub going on national TV, confessing to rigging elections and then declaring himself President for Life? Cause, I’m willing to bet that at least a couple of them would be waving the flag and cheering on our Chimp-in-Chief. Until someone comes up with a smoking gun, all the claims about election rigging are no different than the folks swearing that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t pull the trigger.

Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for rigging the 2004 presidential race in Ohio?


It was actually a pretty bad conspiracy, which is why it’s believable – there’s too much evidence lying around already. Usually, things like this take years to become declassified. See: Gonzogate, Palast.

The point I always bring up is that it’s the fault of the American people, really. The way the GOP massaged the system is smart, but ultimately it only works if elections are extremely close. They have to work at the margins. The fact that Americans have buyer’s remorse over Bush now is funny, because he was the same guy back in 2004, with basically the same scandals going on then as now, except now we just have more examples and evidence.

Yeh, I know . . . and I beat my wife because she’s asking for it . . .

What do you say to country that’s had two terms of W?

Nothing, you already told it twice.

I know, my neighbor was a big Bush supporter in 2004. Every time I see him now I give him a big smile and say “Is he every bit the President you thought he would be? Because he’s exactly what I expected.” It’s driving him crazy.

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The Whiningly Obsessive Sore Loser Society of America called.

They’re revoking your membership for embarassing them.