Ohio Republicans begin impeachment against Gov. DeWine

Some Ohio House representatives are starting impeachment proceedings against governor DeWine. The accusation is that he violated state and federal law by ordering COVID-19 mask and curfew restrictions.

My particular interest in this is whether or not the representatives starting the impeachment proceedings risk getting primaried from the left. Have Republican voters moved so far to the right that doing crazy things like this will no longer get corrected in the manner intended, by being voted out of office? In a different thread I half jokingly suggested that it may be time for Democrats to start voting for the moderate Republican in Republican primaries. Is this at all feasible?

I don’t intend to limit the discussion to just this aspect of the topic, but I think the implications of this sort of thing go beyond just one Republican governor and the COVID restrictions in his state.

Do they have any court decisions that back this claim up? The things they are alleging would be things to go to court about to try and stop. Impeachment would not be the first remedy.

“Primaried from the left” isn’t really a thing in the Republican Party. There have been a couple of examples of some particularly egregious rightwing cuckoo bird incumbents getting knocked out in primaries (e.g. Steve King), but not because their challengers were to the “left.” Rather, incumbents who became liabilities were replaced by just-as-conservative challengers who were better at not saying the quiet part out loud.

Given the state of the Republican Party these days, that’s close enough in my book to count as being primaried from the left.

This impeachment going nowhere. These are ultraconservatives who don’t like what the Governor has done to preserve public health during the pandemic. Due to the extreme gerrymandering of Ohio state rep districts, they are unlikely to be primaried from either the right or the left. The immediate past speaker of the House, under federal indictment for corruption in a massive statewide utility bailout, was reelected by his constituents on Nov. 3, which goes to show you just how safe these Republicans are. Fortunately, we have redistricting reform coming after the Census is certified.

You would not believe how extreme (and ignorant) some of these State Representatives in Ohio actually are. You should look up Rep Nino Vitale, that guy is the worst. They’re all trying to out-Trump Trump and race to the bottom - and their constituents love them for it. It is insane to me how they’re elected to office but then take one peak at the comments of rural Ohio residents and you realize they’re all out of their damn mind. There is zero room left in the GOP in Ohio for people like DeWine who by anyone’s definition is NOT a moderate Republican. I would never vote for DeWine but in the initial months of this pandemic he led admirably and made the right decisions and he is HATED by the Trumpists in this state for it.

I crossed over in 2016 and voted for Kasich. Didn’t work out but it is nice to know that he’s returned the favor after a fashion. If there isn’t a significant contest on the Democratic side, I’d urge people to do this.

It’s trumpists all the way down.