Oil vs. Propane ... which is cheaper?

The prices for heating oil and propane being equal (they currently are in my area of NYS–about $1.45 per gallon on avg.), which is cheaper for home use on an annual basis?

I’m building a superinsulated house that will have hydronic radiant floor heat (so no forced-air furnaces … we’re talking a boiler or a water heater). Oil has more BTUs per gallon … but do the heating units consume that as efficiently as propane units? Will I end up using more gallons of oil in the winter or more gallons of propane?

I can’t answer your questions, but I can say this: We lived in a house w/ radiant heat for 8 years. The boiler was heated by natural gas. It was awesome; it was very efficient, very comfortable, and very quite. Plus no filters to change.

How I miss radiant heat… :frowning:

Tough to say…they’re both influened by world oil prices.

Though Marketplace (on NPR) yesterday reported that propane went up 38% just yesterday. Stand back!

no no no – both prices BEING EQUAL (which they currently are)

I’m interested strictly in a gallon-use comparison of the EQUIPMENT, since price differences between the two fuels are currently negligible in my region.

From this site: