Oiling readymade (powder) soups


My mom told me that putting in some oil, right after putting the bag contents in the water, before boiling the water, would flavor the soup. Well, I don’t taste any difference with or without oil. Am I only one to see that?

If It wasn’t clear enough what readymade soup is, just Google “maggi” or “knorr” :smiley:

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Depends on the oil.

Olive oil definitely has a detectable flavor. IME, butter noticeably improves just about everything.

I’ve never heard of that trick, but if you’re looking for a possible mechanism for it maybe the oil is supposed to help extract some non-polar flavor compounds from the spices in the mix, resulting in more flavorful soup?

If so, I would do it in the beginning, before water is added, otherwise I don’t see how the oil has a chance to mix with the spices and extract those compounds. Dissolving certain spices in oil before adding watery ingredients is a fairly well known cooking technique.