Oily Taint is funny as all heck-- and hopefully going to jail.

Soviet expatriot, provisional lawyer and birther extrodinair Orly Taitz has answered Judge Land’s request for her to explain why he shouldn’t fine her $10,000 with this motion of batshit crazy.

Some of her points as described by the TPM article:

I hope Land throws her in jail for contempt. He could do that, right?

Oh, yeah. He can have her locked up in a heart-beat. If it wouldn’t cause the nut-balls to go all frothy, he could start proceedings to have her expelled from the country.

Lawyers make the most fun crazy people.

Taitz’s got a ways to go before she reaches Jack Thompson levels of lunacy, but she’s making a play for hitting the bar* way earlier than he did.

  • No pun intended.

One of the funnier parts-- the deposition in which someone states they saw Lands lunching with Eric Holder. You know Eric-- olive-skinned, moustachioed, small in stature. . …

You forgot part-time dentist!

Can you imagine: “See that crazy ass bitch on TV. She did my root canal!”

They never make the reality shows I really want to see. That motion is so choice. Every word is a gem. A crazy, crazy little gem.

Polished until it SHINES.

:confused: How did this woman earn a J.D. even from a mail-order law school like Taft?!

I dunno, I mean Jack Thompson had that whole blow up with the… colorful… stuff when he was being disbarred. On the other hand, dude defended Mass Effect from Fox’s “fact” factory. What would be the Birther equivilent of that? I think she’s pretty even so far.

And Real Estate agent!

Goddamn I love this crazy bitch. Love love love her.

Wait, what? There’s a process to expel her from the country? She’s a citizen, right? There’s no way that I’m aware of to expel an American citizen from the country, except in extra-legal situations like Gitmo.

Is she a US citizen? I’ve always heard her described as a Russian expat, so I assumed she kept Russian citizenship. If she is a US citizen, then we will just have to settle for locking her up in the booby hatch for a few decades.

Wiki doesn’t say whether or not she’s a citizen. It does say that she has a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. She is a woman of many crazy talents.

Palin/Taitz 2012, for a more pure America.

She’s also an Israeli citizen (sorry - we don’t intend to export our crap; it just works out that way). Can you hold triple citizenship?

Incidentally, there’s no way she was born an “Orly”; It’s too much of a conventional Israeli name. Girl’s an Olga.

O rly?

I refuse to get tired of that.

Just give a call to the Honduran army.


I’m half-convinced that she’s an Andy Kaufman-type performance artist who is just getting a kick out of playing the far right for the fools that they are.

I vote for keeping her and revoking the motion for contempt and sanctions and giving her an award for entertainment value. She is the most entertaining lawyer I have ever heard of. Beats Jack Thompson by a country mile. Which country? You choose one of three.

Pure what, we ain’t sayin’.