OK, Are these guys clones?

I’ve been watching these for shows for a while and it occurs to me that these guys all look alike.

Thomas Gibson
(Aaron Hotch; Criminal Minds)

David Boreanaz
(Seeley Booth; Bones)

Michael Weatherly
(Dinozzo, NCIS)

George Eads
(Nick Stokes; CSI)

Gibson and Boreanaz, especially.
I like the diverse characters in all four shows, but I don’t like being confused by these clones.

(The links are unpredictable in what picture they give you, so find the ones that match the names.)

Nope, don’t see it.

In fact, Gibson looks more like Rob Lowe than Boreanaz to me.

I kind of see what you’re saying, but I don’t think the resemblance is all that striking - it’s interesting, because I think this sort of thing shows that different people look at different things in people’s faces, so one person can consider two others very much alike, while another observer can’t see it.

You missed one.

Greg and Angel? Sorry - can’t see it.

Tall, clean-cut, dark-haired white guys? Yeah, they all look alike.


You brough up the wrong picture. Not greg, Nick. (I don’t know who Angel is.)

No to the OP, but this one:


I’m a total Food Network junkie, and I didn’t realize these were two different guys.

Greg as in *Dharma & Greg * = Thomas Gibson

Angel as in Angel = David Boreanaz

I’m not good with faces, but these people all look very different to me. I could easily pick any of them out of a lineup.

I always thought that Leonardo Dicaprio and Eric Dane looked alike. I guess I’m not alone.

Sure, facially. But todays DiCaprio would be the 15 year old pubescent version of Dane.

Framkly, I didn’t even know they had new shows.

You’re kidding. One has a voice worse than nails raking down a chalkboard that is falling onto a shrieking cat and the other is Tyler Florence.

I also don’t think any of the guys in the OP look that much alike (to me at least), maybe Gibson and Eads a little bit - but the other two look very, very different to me.

The worst offender I’ve ever seen, though was the show Brooklyn South. There there were about 8 primary or secondary characters who were all dark-haired, white guys with approximately the same build and they were all beat cops, so they were in uniform and dressed identically, too. I lasted through two episodes of not being able to tell anyone apart before I gave up.

I always thought that Nathan Fillion (Cap. Mal from Firefly) looks a shit-ton like William Mapother (who plays Ethan on Lost.)

Yeah, totes the same person. I was 100% they were the same until someone actually showed me otherwise.

That was hilarious, BTW. The voice was actually the giveaway for me that they weren’t the same.

It probably would have tipped me off, too, if I didn’t dive for the remote every time I saw “Bobby Flay”. I despise that man. Poor innocent Tyler has suffered the side effects of my grr.