ok aussies whats national sorry day ?

Ok we have a calendar from the dollar store that the little rodents had to have because its pics of puppies and kittens playing together

But since its an “international” calendar it has american Mexican and british and even Canadian and aussie holidays

And coming up this Friday is "national sorry day " now I doubt its a day off to sit and play the board game “sorry” (as my nephew suggested hopefully )
So what is it for ?

I Googled it for you. National Sorry Day - Wikipedia

I’m Australian, but Wiki says it better than I could.

I was very moved on the first Sorry day. I went to the city hall of my small town and watched the ceremony.

I would have simply assumed Aussies went around apologising to each other.
**“Mate, I kept your pen three years ago. Srry.”

“I may have got a little tipsy last night. Srry.”
“I went a little too far, and defamed the minister by an inadvertent suggestion he did something that I know he would find impossible. Srry.”

I presume that, being Australian, they also have a “Fuck You” day. :slight_smile:

It would be election day to anybody else.

What a pleasant OP, and thread…

You call that an apology? This is an apology!

In Canada, every day is “sorry” day.

As you might imagine, Sorry Day is somewhat politically charged. However, in general it has garnered a lot of popular support.

The OP’s question immediately brought to mind this video. For the viewers outside the country it conveys a few things. It is a snippet from a TV series that spoofed the build up to Australia’s hosting of the 2000 Olympic games. The star of that show, John Clarke, sadly died a few weeks ago, and the show has had a revival. He was something of a national treasure. But the clip sums up a lot. You do need to watch to the end.

I should have added “except for the reality of the cause of the query,” which is not exactly pleasant at all.

is that really a thing? I’m Irish and noticed I did it when I saw some jokey reference on some rubbish I was watching. I try not to now, so instead, I try to say thanks too much sometimes to see if anyone notices. Thrills!

It’s a joke aimed at Canadians but one they buy into themselves. The fantastic Canadian television series Slings & Arrows (seriously: it’s in my top five of all dramatic series of all time) has the actors say “sorry” every other sentence. Don’t try it as a drinking game. You will die.

Looks like we wiped out your culture. Sorry, mate!

Chocolates and a gift voucher didn’t seem to strike the right note.

Unless, of course, you’re Australian and know your John Howards already…

(on second thoughts - naah, it’s The Games, WATCH IT! Watch it ALL!!)

That’s not an apology, that’s a spoon.

You called?

By the way, sorry I’m late. :wink:

I think it says something about the character of Australia as a nation that, however much the government itself may have struggled against the notion initially, the people had the stones to step forward and apologize.

One of the things I’ve learned for sure in life is that it’s hella hard to apologize, even more so when the wrong is egregious; and I admire those who do so. (all the better not to screw up in the first place, but one doesn’t always have control over that.)