Ok. Call me quirky

I want Taco Bell art.

Saw a news story about people stealing the art off the walls of Taco Bell.

Apparently you can buy them from online sellers.

I’ve always liked those weird paintings.
Apparently they are all prints.
But I don’t care.

Thanks for that, @Quirky.

You are quirky.

Write to Taco Bell, tell them what you just told us, and ask them how you can buy legitimate prints from them.

Supposedly some of the art was created by Mark T. Smith a legitimate artist with a legitimate website, who also sells through legitimate galleries. Happy hunting.

Call me quirky

Hi quirky!

Do you have a link?

No link. It was local news.

One of the prettiest paintings I ever saw was at a Wendy’s. Some sort of modern-deco art with a weird hue of early morning blue sky and some sort of swimming pool and white house furniture. It was the 1990s so it couldn’t have been AI, but it looked totally like today’s AI art. For some reason, it just did it for me.

Fast food art. It will soon have gravitas in the art world.
I just know it.

Hey Quirky, you can call me Fishmeal (Mad Magazine, 1956)

go to a taco bell and take a phone-photo of the piece and print it out?

I’ve thought of that. Might do it just cause.

And post it here. I’m genuinely interested in the art that moves you so.

Here’s an article about the Taco Bell art thefts:


Personally, I want a picture of pastoral Wisconsin farmland – and cheese curds! – from the wall of a Culver’s.

And, hey, they have an entire art store where you can order it!


I was at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and saw a picture I really liked.

Calm Morning by Frank Weston Benson.

I took a picture with my phone, tweaked it a little in Photoshop, had it printed poster size, framed it and hung it in my kitchen. Turned out great.

Now, this one is from 1904, so in the public domain. Art on the wall of TB is almost certainly copyright. The right thing would be to find out the artist and buy a legit copy that benefits him/her.


After looking at that picture, an entire story popped into my head!

Three little kids, their families had returned from church (note the Sunday clothes) and while the mommies gathered in the kitchen, the daddies were grouped together discussing “man stuff,” and nobody was watching the kids. They got bored and went down to the lake, and one of them got the bright idea to go fishing.

One of the girls pulled a loose thread from the bottom of her petticoat, and they managed to scrounge up two safety pins.

The boat drifts further and further from shore, and finally one of the mommies says, “Where are the kids?”


And then they find out they boat was in for repairs, and it starts leaking in the middle of the bay, and the water is cold. They call 911 but, being kids, are incapable of giving their location. They all drown.

The parents sue the boat yard, 911 service, the company that made the dress, and accidentally, each other.


The local McDonalds used to have Robert McCall space art. That was pretty cool.

The three kids were sacrificed to the Lake Demon to guarantee prosperity to the village. They must be fresh.

I thought this thread was going to be about the Springfield Isotopes moving to Albuquerque.

But you can also call me fairly sure they don’t have a chance against me.