OK DC area dopers (and others who care to comment)-Do I close tomorrow?

I can’t base my decision on the schools or the government since they are already closed. 2-4 inches of snow predicted with possibility of ice from now until late tomorrow. The office schedule is fairly busy because of the holiday but I’ll probably cancel any patients over 90 anyway. Opinions?
(For those of you in the Midwest or Canada, please remember that this is the DC area and we don’t do well with ice).

Are you the poster who had a previous thread about paying employees on a snow day??

Yes and don’t worry, they will definitely be paid if we close today even though I will probably go bankrupt.

They screwed up the forecast and we’re already double the amount of snow predicted, with at least three hours left of snow before the sleet and ice that’s coming during the afternoon commute. Sure, they SAY that it’ll all melt in the overnight/early morning rain, but I’m not sure I trust them. Can you do a delayed opening- reschedule the first couple hours and give the roads time to clear?

Wait, did you mean tomorrow as in Monday or Tuesday? No doubt close Monday. Delayed opening Tuesday.

I grew up in Ohio. Ice was a disaster there, too.

Actually was talking about Monday and I did close. Will see how much ice there is tomorrow but I hope they’re right and it all melts overnight.

If you want to use a school system’s closing as guidance, that can work even on holidays. Fairfax County Public Schools announced that all activities were cancelled today, even though classes were already cancelled because of the holiday. One problem with using FCPS closings as guidance is that Fairfax County is big. There have been days when schools closed because one part of the county was hit with bed weather, and other parts of the county were bone dry.

Goodness. We are getting quite a lot here. My husbands work just gave an early release (I have a holiday), but I’m not too pleased about him being on the roads.

My deciding factor was Quantico. If it’s bad enough for the marines to close it’s bad enough for me.

My work is closed.

Yeah, I grew up in the Mt. Vernon area of Fairfax County, just a few miles south of Old Town Alexandria, and we benefited from that fact a lot. We’d be all dug out from a snowstorm, but the schools would still be closed on account of the western end of the county.

Same thing happens across the river here in Calvert County. It’s not all that big, but it’s long and skinny. Schools can be closed for no apparent reason at my (north) end of the county because the south end perversely got snow and we didn’t. (I"m not so happy about it now that I’m the parent, not the kid. :))