Early winter in DC?(!)

This is almost certainly not going to play out this way (the models favoring this scenario are still very much in the minority). But much like buying a lottery ticket, I’m going to enjoy my time fantasizing about this while it’s still a possibility.

| Weather Channel screenshot for north of the Beltway |

And now, I shall sit back in my rocking chair with some popcorn while I wait for the area’s snow-haters to rise up against me. :smiley:

It is unusually cold, and supposed to get colder, for the area at this time in November. I don’t mind the cold, I just dislike the wet. Snow would be fine with me – I almost never drive, and I welcome snow days.

I’m not in DC, but I’m DC adjacent, and I protest the lack of autumn! I’d looked forward to days of having the windows open, after being closed in all summer. So much for that dream.

Not a fan of snow, but definitely not a fan of snow this early in the year. My gutter cleaners aren’t scheduled till the 2nd week of December…

The various outlooks for our region seem to be in unanimous agreement that we’re headed for a snowier-than-average winter.

Fuck your early winter!

You are, unsurprisingly, precisely the ray of sunshine I hoped would most enjoy my post!

Come, brother; shall we make snowmen together?

Fuck your brotherly snowman!


I better not see any threads from you complaining about shoveling, icy windows, ice on the streets, or anything having to do with the crapfest that is winter in DC. If I do, I will metaphorically shake my fist at you!

I plan to move to DC next year. After six years of Chicago winters, I’m not particularly concerned about a snowier than average winter. Now, those summers, on the other hand!

The summers are awesome! Hot every day!

I was irked about this too. My favorite times of year are that 4 to 6 weeks in the autumn and spring when I can have the windows open. This year, mid-October, it was AC still on on the Wednesday, and the heat on by Saturday evening.

Oh, just you wait until you see what a little bit of snow does to the traffic here. I hope you have the kind of job that lets you telework, because you’re going to need it on occasion!

I am at a loss to understand how they are predicting 3-5 inches when the snow is turning to rain and temps are above freezing. More like a classic DC “wintry mix.”

Snow sucks unless you’re skiing on it.

I think the number has already come down to more like an inch, with a big “maybe” after that. But I’m pretty sure we all win if it snows without any accumulation that needs to be shoveled.

Dash it all! I say, y’all’re making it damn near impossible to enjoy mah mint julep on the verandah, heah.

I lived in the DC suburbs for the first 56 years of my life and do not recall the snow being particularly awful in the winter. A major (>12" ) was very rare, perhaps once in eight or ten years. In the last few years it seems that there has been a big storm every year. However, here in The Cultural Center of the Midwest, there has been less snow than when i first moved here so perhaps there actually is something to this climate change stuff i have been hearing about :slight_smile:

I recall that a rumor of possible snow in DC was enough to make folks nervous, is it still like that?

yeah we turned the heat on yesterday its not this cold here in the high desert of ca til right before xmas

This. My wife and I were talking today about our disappointment that there hadn’t been a good stretch of crisp, dry, sunny days.

I said, “Hell, I’d settle for ‘dry.’” Lord, what a wet year this has been. My yard’s never really dried out, and our lot has pretty good drainage. And so we’re going to start winter off with one of those wintry mixes that’s basically wet, cold, and slushy. Because of course we are.

Oh, absolutely. That’ll only change when climate change turns snow in DC into a memory.

I took off from DCA today and the trees are full of leaves not even fully turned. It’s strange.

I love where I live up in the Colorado mountains. But this time of year is always tough. I know what’s coming.

First big snow of 20 inches was mid October. 56 inches so far.

Count your blessings.

No way on earth I’d consider driving there. I’ve been impressed by the Metro.

And, yeah, not looking forward to the summers