Where is the cold and snow I was promised?

When I agreed to move from my life-long Los Angeles home earlier this year, one of the things I looked forward to about moving to the east coast was getting some actual weather! We got to the DC area in the late summer, and I can say that I actually got to experience a few decent thunder storms. But now that summer has long passed, and winter is nearly here, I’ve been anxiously awaiting some quality cold weather. And most importantly, I’ve been waiting for it to snow so that I can go out in my yard or on my deck to enjoy it, rather than having to drive up into a distant mountain range.

Instead, what I get is an “unseasonably warm” December so far. What gives? I had no desire to bring the drought out here with me. I keep looking at the long-range weather forecasts on The Weather Channel, but not a flake of snow appears to be in sight, at least for the next 15 days.

Now, I know some of you are thinking that I’m going to jinx it by even raising the issue. To which I say, I DAMN WELL HOPE SO! That’s exactly my goal. Don’t like it? You can throw a snowball at me, as soon as that becomes an option.

Where’s the snow, dammit?

Move to Buffalo.

I live in Maryland, and have to say Fuck your snow! it sucks! SOOOO glad it will be warm this weekend!

Even THEY don’t have any snow forecast for the next 10 days!

First snowball’s comin’ your way, pal.

As soon as we get some here you can have it. We got a bit a few weeks ago, which is gone now, and as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t mind one bit if we didn’t get another flake all winter.
To me it may as well be called “white mud from the sky”. Messy to drive in, a pain to shovel, makes a mess in your car, makes a mess in your house. Blech!
(I really need to move back south)

My five-year-old daughter is getting increasingly annoyed when she wakes up every morning and there’s STILL no snow. “But it’s December!” “I know, honey.”

Not THIS weekend! :cool:

You need to quit your silly nonsense.

I stand by it up to the point that I’m proven horribly, disastrously wrong.

I just looked up the average snowfall for DC and was surprised it’s that much.

You have much to learn about East Coast winters, Grasshopper. If you’re anywhere near the ocean, you generally don’t get any significant snow in December, because the ocean is not yet cold enough. Gulf Stream and all that. January is when real winter happens (unless you get an El Nino winter).

Many reports have suggested that DC will see another below-average snowfall this year because of El Nino. But one outlier sees a potential for 28 inches at DCA.

I can only hope.

People might start calling YOU El Nino!

I was enjoying my cold-as-fuck and totally-snowed-over winters until YOU came near…

I’ve been called worse…


“That’s because we destroyed the planet, so there’s no more snow and we’re all going to die. Now who wants waffles?”

On a serious note, I didn’t know that was why snow comes later here, so thanks for that.

How the hell is anyone ever supposed to get a white Christmas?

It varies though. I live in Northern VA and Facebook saw fit to remind me that 2 years ago on this date we had several inches of snow.

Winter is coming.

I should be skiing this weekend. I’m mountain biking instead. Still fun, but I didn’t expect to be biking in shorts two weeks before Christmas.

They say that back in the day it was even Higher at Camp David.
Of course, that was a few administrations ago… :smiley: