What a disapointing winter or.....

I need to move closer to the big lake for more snow as in lake effect type.:confused:

Or maybe I just dont want to be optimistic in any sense of this life:smack::smack:

When you talk to someone who is never optimistic its hard to be optimistic when they always say “no it wont work” for instance. :(:mad:

But still, the winter is just too depressing with hardly any snow. I remember great days of my youth and snow. :smiley:

Dang it, if its going to be cold, lets have some snow!! Cold cold means cold crunchy snow…makes matters worse. Who wants to go out and play in the snow if it just reminds you of the bitter cold with the crunchy snow… :mad:

Oh even the weather people hardly get any weather right. Dont get me excited with the possibility of heavy snow when we get nothing.

Gotta post before the husband shoots a breaker. (he is working on a failed outlet in the kitchen)

Sweetie, you’re supposed to have the brandy after you come back in from the blizzard. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. :wink:

My best winter, bar none, was 1997. I had just married for the first time, my new wife and I were in a strange land neither of us had lived in before, far from both our childhood homes. Christmas Day dawns, there’s not much to do, Should we go somewhere for the holiday? Well… we could try DAYTONA!
It was sunny. Sixty-five degrees. Balmy breezes. The hotel had somehow enclosed part of its parking lot to put in an in-ground, heated pool. A lot of places were closed, so no onslaught of beach people. And I saw my first free-range, non-aquarium dolphins (porpoises? porpi?)–they were wearing red hats with white, fuzzy balls on the end, big white beards that didn’t get wet and were singing “Feliz Navidad” in perfect harmony in those squeaky, chirpy voices of theirs…

Um, the moral of the story? F#@& snow and cold weather. Thankyouverymuch.

(What did you say was in this “brandy” WBY?)

love the story! Cant have the brandy, never have…is it any good?

Current conditions at my place;

-22C (-7F), and a fresh foot of snow! Brrr!
Just walked my dog and it was a slog!

(I’m staying indoors with a good book and a cup of tea, the rest of the afternoon!)

Just got a weather alert, winter weather advisory until noon tomorrow. Blowing snow, freezing rain and then rain! Lovely Michigan weather but the temp is a balmy 23F! :slight_smile:

When I was young it was good when there was snow (so I could go out and play in it). It was great when there was so much snow they cancelled school. Now I don’t like snow because I don’t like shoveling it.

Thanks! I don’t care for it, it’s kinda like drinking cough syrup (and not the good kind with codeine, either). I was riffing on this meme, by mentioning brandy…

Hey, wait a minute, that’s not brandy.

(Now peach Schnapps is the drink of kings. Especially with OJ–that’s a Fuzzy Navel. Keep plenty of Tums handy!)

Yeah! What else is gonna keep the homeless population in control!?

Be careful what you wish for. I HAVE to get the tractor fired up next weekend to move snow out of snow storage areas so I have a place to plow it to.

The next 24hrs promises;

10cm of snow overnight.
Freezing rain through the afternoon.
Followed by another 10cm of rain/snow mix.


It only got up to 52F today.


We’re supposed to get up to 75F tomorrow. Even higher on Wednesday.

One of my favorite jokes (for your husband).

What’s brown and crispy and hangs from the ceiling?

An amateur electrician.

The best winters were the winters of my childhood where it snowed regularly and the snow/ice stuck on the ground all winter long until the spring thaw. Seems like winter is a more sporadic thing these days. I enjoyed the winter 3 years ago when I first got my cross country skis. Nothing better than a brisk couple miles skiing in the woods and hills across the street and coming home to warm up with an ice cold shot of Aalborg Akvavit, and sit next to the fire with a good book.

I just cleared another 8" of heavy snow. Now I’ll take the dog for another slog of a walk and hope to be home before the freezing rain begins!

Ugh. Winter.

we got probably 5 inches of snow today/thru-out the night but then rain ensues currently

What’s so wrong with snow!:smack::smack:

One good thing is it is in the 30’s F so maybe the furnace does not turn on as much. :dubious::eek:

I’m a lifelong Georgia boy. We don’t mind one foot of snow. But when we put down the other foot and there is snow there, too? Nope, screw that!

Got up at 4am to plow. A little unusual. Plowed our drive and about 1/2 mile of county road. Made it to work by 7am, my normal start time.

We HAVE to get the ‘All Season’ tires off of my wife’s new Outback and put real snow tires on it.

Got the Kubota loader out tonight, and moved snow. And plowed again. I’m running out of places to plow it to - Out of snow storage already and it’s only January. That concerns me a little… But I’ve managed at altitude for 24 years, should be OK.

The freezing rains have subsided, temps have dropped again and everything is iced over thickly!

Currently we are experiencing very high winds, actually howling. They’re calling for another 10cm of snow tomorrow evening!


The CA drought is having a tough time - we’re getting steady-state rains again for 3-4 day stretches, with 1 or 2 day breaks before the next storm arrives.

I let the pool go back to being an over-sized bird-bath.

Evaporation dropped the water level by 18" (yes, there is a “solar” cover on it). In the last 3 weeks, it has recovered about a foot of that.

If you want to get rid of your snow, the Sierras will take all you can deliver.