Unpleasantly Large Mid-Atlantic Snow Event Coming

Eventually. DC drivers get a lot of flak for their ability to drive in snow, but the ultimate problem on her road was that a Metrobus had spun out and blocked all but one lane. And bailing out onto a side street would have been a crapshoot, since they were hilly and untreated.

I wish we could have a snow event in Los Angeles. :frowning:

Doesn’t rain cause the same effect?

Just on traffic because people dint know how to drive in the rain. Im also really disappointed because this was supposed to be an El Nino winter with lots of rain. Mother Nature, you let us down.

WMATA just announced they’re shutting down Metro services for [del]most of[/del] the weekend.

ETA to remove “most of.” I misread.

I would like to mention, for anyone unaware, that Asimovian actually is the cause of this blizzard. Observe:

There is a Star Wars themed snow ball fight at Dupont Circle scheduled for noon on Saturday. Participants are encouraged to wear Star Wars costumes whilst hurling snow at one another.

“At last! They shall rue the day they mocked my Hoth garb!”

Our chairman never even made it home from downtown DC last night; she stopped at a friend’s house at 3:00am.

The stories of last night’s Northern Virginia and DC traffic are epic. Dulles toll road didn’t move for four hours, among other things. One of our engineers said cars quickly compacted the snow into sheet ice in many places. And the “historic storm” isn’t anywhere near us yet.

Today the chairman cleared the Friday calendar entirely – now the only text on Friday is a snowflake WingDing. We don’t yet know officially if the federal government will close early or shut down…but we have a cranky boss and that WingDing.

I moved my Saturday flight to Sunday. We’ll see if that even happens.

My house is near the top of a hill, and my short block is the steepest section. I was up until near midnight sitting on my porch with a couple of guys from up the street, drinking beers and watching people crash into each other in front of the house. I didn’t even know these guys but we had a pretty good time watching it.

A car would gingerly come down the street, lose control, and slam into the curb. The next car would go down the other side of the street to avoid the first car and slam into the other curb. The next car would try to get between them but lose control and either hit one of them or also slam into the curb trying to avoid them. Soon there would be a dozen cars in front of my house crashed into the curbs and each other. Eventually they would clear out, and it would start all over again.

One guy came over the curb onto my lawn and took out my garbage and recycling.

What I don’t understand is after people would hit the curb, they’d just sit there. I get it if they need a moment to get themselves together and work up the nerve to keep going, but these people would just sit there, some of them sitting perpendicular across the road, for like 10-20 minutes. And of course this just led to another car slamming into them, turning their minor incident with minimal to no damage into an actual full-on collision.

If I’d had any cones or flares I’d have put them out across the road and redirected people around, but as it was all we could do was yell at people who were going too fast, which was really anyone moving at all. My wife called the police, MDOT, and the county to try to get them to block off our block, but nothing ever came of it.


In a meeting today, we were all talking about working from home tomorrow and one guy said that he thought Metro would be ok. I told him that statement was adorably naive.

All the area schools have already closed for tomorrow. I hadn’t even left for the day when MCPS announced they were closing through Sunday. OPM will probably be stupid, though, since that’s how they roll.

In an unanticipated wrench in the works, though, WSSC is doing some kind of major repairs out in front of my building at the moment and there has been no water since 3pm. It better come back by tonight, is all I can say.

I’ll be glad when this storm is over, not just for obvious reasons, but because then the TV weatherpeople here can go back to telling us what the forecast is for today. All week I’ve had to get today’s forecast off the crawl at the bottom of the screen, or off the Internet, while the weathercritters burbled on and on about what The Latest Models Show! might happen Friday night and Saturday. I’ll tell them what will happen–it’ll snow like a motherfucker, as much as it wants and as long as it wants.

Me, I’ve had a barking messy cold since last Saturday and should (I hope!) be in its last days this weekend, but I could still use a rest day, so I had planned to spend Saturday curled up with a library book in any case. If the snow ends early enough I may also spend part of it watching out the window as the people in my apartment building who are here from warmer parts of the world (India, Indonesia, southern China, etc) venture into the courtyard to introduce their children to snow and pose for pictures to send home. I find that heartwarming for some reason.

The Fios install has been rescheduled. I believe that the storm will now be delayed until next week as the reason for the storm has been moved and there is no need for the Cox cable gods to smite us until then.

My wife spent the night at work (she works at a massage therapy school and slept on a massage table). A coworker and her fiance were stuck at a church, where they spent the night. DC Schools were announced closed Friday around lunch.

How nice of him!
And they say neighborliness is dead.
Will you be able to get the empty cans and bins back off the sidewalk on your own?

Looks like I’m too far north for this storm. Oh well. Haven’t been snowshoeing even once this winter…

Another 13 hour shift over. This is the worst snow panic I have seen in 30 years of grocery. Water gone. Chicken gone. Bread gone. Milk gone.

My day off is tomorrow and they asked me to work.

In 2010 I spent two nights on the floor here at the store before getting home. Last year it was once on the floor and twice in a co-worker’s basement nearby.

I told them “no” for tomorrow. It is someone else’s turn this time. I did say I would come in if someone would promise me they could get me home. That didn’t happen. I feel bad, but my wife said she would kill me if I abandoned her at home alone for another snowstorm. Sigh.

I hate snow.

Now we do: closing at noon.

Got my drizzly booze delivery tonight and I’m hunkered down until Monday at the earliest.