Unpleasantly Large Mid-Atlantic Snow Event Coming

I hate snow. I am one of the “essentials” meaning I have to find some way to get to the job…because I work in a grocery store. As most of you know, the public loses its mind when these things are forecast and the probable chaos in the aisles and at the checkout lines the next few days fills me with dread. We are in the “bulleye” here in West-Central Virginia.

Make it go away!


Anyone else dealing with this mess want to commiserate?

I’m just wanting it to stay north of Atlanta. There’s this whole tentative “if the temperature varies, could be freezing rain…” thing going on. Just rain please. Freezing rain can bite me.

yeah, I live in Maryland, and I am not looking forward to the predicted snow storm. I hope people on this board and IRL that trumpeted the coming of winter have a lot of fun freezing and shoveling snow!

I’m positive we’ll get hit. Count your blessings that you don’t work in a Rhode Island grocery store. People here will never forget the blizzard of '78 when no one in the state knew it was coming. I guess they didn’t have things like TV, radio, and telephones yet in the late 70s. This one isn’t due until the weekend there will already be a shortage of milk, bread, and toilet paper in the state from the hording.

Used to work in a grocery store in NC. Folks just go crazy there so yeah, I know what it like.

That said, I now live in FLA and love it when there’s a huge snow wave. Really helps our economy down here.

Technically, the middle of the Atlantic is pretty far from Virginia.

Lived in NoVa and worked in DC. Everyone would try to leave at the first snowflake and 5 hours and a couple of car lengths later would be crouched by by the side of their gasless car to pee.

One of the biggest selling items during a snow panic is beer. Eggs, bread and milk get all the press, but the beer section will be wiped out come Friday.

I’m in NoVa also. I don’t mind storms because I can work from home. I don’t understand people who freak out or those who mob the grocery stores for supplies like they’re about to be in a siege. Crazy!

Its winter. No.

Thanks, Frosty. You forgot the apostrophe.

Grumble…grr… mumble stinkin’ winter…grumble…

I’m on the west coast this week. Supposed to fly back Saturday. I may need to change my weekend plans.

Have you seen the Campbell’s Soup commercial with a mother and her two small boys at the grocery store, and a PA about a huge snowstorm? She grabs a bottle of wine at the very end. I laugh my ass off every time I see it.

We moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest last summer, so we are feeling pretty smug right now.

Really? People run out grocery stores because of snow coming?


Hate to be that guy, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll work from home on Friday and walk down to the new crepery that opened in my neighborhood, plus my geezer dog loves the snow and turns into a puppy when she’s in it.

Reading between the lines of the forecast, I’m thinking it might go a bit south of here. Too soon to tell, really.

Heading to the grocery store before a snowstorm seems pleasingly archaic. We’ve had about 20 “once in a century” type blizzards since the 1978 storm and, invariably, the day after, the roads are clear and everyone’s dug out. Getting snowed in for a week doesn’t seem to happen anymore, although a good ice storm can shut things down for quite a while.

That’s not the point. Crowds of customers at one’s business are a good thing. We love crowds of customers.

It’s the frenzy, the madness, the stress. And it is different from holiday madness.

It’s the PANIC. That’s the challenging part.

I’m looking forward to this one. I hate winter, but if it’s gotta be this cold I want snow to go with it.

It is weird how frenzied people get when a snowstorm is approaching, especially in DC. It’s been that way my whole life and I’ve never really had the stores closed maybe more than a day. I think people are secretly hoping to get snowed in so they don’t have to go to work.

Ok, I missed an apostrophe; maybe that snow will miss you the same way.
(…But seriously, Heat Miser, you haven’t had 2 whole flakes to rub together from September 1st until January 15th… and you’re complaining!?)