Where is the cold and snow I was promised?

You’re jumping the gun, Asimovian. Winter doesn’t begin until December 22. And trust me, the weather will change then. Practically to the day.

Come back and talk about snow in February.

Edit: I see I was ninja’d, though my response came from Midwestern experience, nowhere near the ocean.

Feel free to share any surplus snow with us poor souls out west, when it arrives.

A friend lived in DC for several years and I think it was 3 or 4 years ago they had a big storm come thru and he send me photos of his patio furniture with at least 16 inches on it. Not sure what month, tho. Be patient.

December is usually a bit early for anything significant. January often gets one or two good ones, February gets rolling, but March is when (and if) the big bad ones hit… Like two blizzards in one week. Then two weeks later we see 60 degrees.

Yeah March is bipolar weather month.

No. I was watching the news the other day and they were saying this has been the warmest winter in Buffalo since 1892.

Come back west! Evidently the entire northwest is getting slammed by a big ole storm of the century type snow storm. Even in Denver, we’re getting 4 inches of snow tonight from this storm.

Boy, are you ever going to regret your complaint about no cold or snow.

Growing up in Philadelphia I hardly ever saw a white Christmas. And it was possible–though rare–to have a snow-free winter. DC is even warmer and that might not be so rare. Amazingly, here in Montreal there has been no snow (a few random flakes excepted) and today’s high was 14C (about 57F) which is almost unheard of in December. They were predicting some snow for Monday and Tuesday, but I just looked again and they have changed that to rain. And you are welcome to all the snow we don’t get. I guess it is el nino. Welcome after last winter.

Probably 2010. See here for my photos.

Just west of Washington, DC, we got 29 inches. The next day 9 more fell.

That set the all-time record locally.

And now a friend back home just outside of LA tells me that her area may get a few flurries tonight. It’s just not fair.

Asimovian, you should have moved to Boston, last year. You would have been able to Observe The Snow, It… (longtime Cecil readers know how that ends)

DC just gets miserable and wet and muddy and once in a while you get over 4 inches of snow and The World Comes To An End.

ETA: Ah, yes, Sailboat, “Snowmaggedon”. The only thing moving was the President’s motorcade and even then a couple of the vehicles skidded into the curb.

You can have all the snow you want. Just keep it away from me.

What do you expect? You’re practically in the South.

She loves waffles.

About average here at 11,200 feet in Colorado. As of Dec 10th 60 inches so far. December has been light for snow fall.

The real snow comes in the spring. 30 feet measured at our house for the winter is not unusual. We measure every 24 hours. We have a dedicated plow truck and 4x4 Kubota tractor to deal with it.

The good news is that I don’t have to mow grass up here.

Be careful what you wish for. :smiley:

(though I understand, in a weird way)

I am in the subtropics and we are having late summer wx. I figure everything weather wise is about 2 months late. Just wait. If and when you do get snow please build a snowman.

The poor deprived OP can console himself by reading up on major winter storms in the D.C. area (they’ve been getting more common in recent decades) and living happy fantasies about the fun commute that will result from the next one.

Pshaw. It’s not even breathing hard yet.

I’m 100% on board with this thread. In years past, my area’s gotten it’s first major storm before Halloween, and it’s going to be in the 60s tomorrow. Christmas carols are nice, but I’m still hoping for December snow.


Have patience. Seasons in DC run a bit late. Fall doesn’t even think about starting until October. Real winter weather comes in January and lasts well in to March- even April can get a bit icy. Then you get approximately 30 seconds of Spring and it’s Summer again.