So tired of this god damned cold weather!

It’s March 15th in Maryland and we can’t get two even semi-warm days in a row. It was in the teens last night! I’ve never been angry at the weather before, but I’m there now. This is just stupid, winter just won’t give up. And we’re due for freezing nights again next week.

It’s supposed to be 83 here tomorrow.

Just thought you should know.

I grew up in Silver Spring.

I’m with you. I’m really really really sick of getting to work with temps below zero still, or in the single digits at best for months on end. According to the national weather service, since December 1st we’ve had over 50 days where the low was less than 10F, and 27 of those lows were less than 0F. Right now March has so far been 8.4 degrees below average for the month :mad:

I moved to a new area last spring. Winters here are notoriously gray. I just want some sunshine. Also, maybe the lower temps will translate into a milder summer. That’d be a big win.

Came home to one of the coldest winters, after weeks on tropical beeches, in mid January! It’s been brutal to endure. We’ve had thick snow on the ground since November 23! The snow banks are six feet high in my front yard, and it’s a huge pain trying to pitch more shovelled snow up onto them! Two days ago we got another foot of snow overnight. So depressing.

Even when it manages to warm up to hover near zero, the snow lies so thick, condensed and piled high it barely begins to melt before night falls and temperatures drop to below freezing again. At which point all that melt turns into sheet ice, gets covered with a layer of fresh snow and makes walking about quite treacherous. Glad I don’t drive.

It’s mid way through March and we’ll probably have to buy another cord of wood for the wood stove! Everyone roundabouts here is beyond fed up.

(There had better be a spectacular summer ahead!)

It’s supposed to snow on Monday.


Meanwhile, out in Rainland…

We’ve had very nice weather. Sure, there’s been rain; but there has also been sun for hours at a time. And today temperatures should get near 50. Quite pleasant.

My coworker is spending the weekend in Maryland. I’m sure I’ll hear all about how nasty it is back there, when I see her on Wednesday.

Meanwhile in the humid tropics, it hadn’t rained for close to 7 weeks. I grew up in the UK - this is the longest I’ve ever been anywhere without rain. Everyone was lamenting the dry grass and being secretly happy about the lower humidity. Well this morning it is pouring down: thunder, lightning, lots of rain. It’s been raining for an hour, and I’m already over it. I want to go out dammit! It’s going to take an hour to get a taxi!

It’s cold here. I have to sleep with 2 blankets at night, and sometimes I even wear a hoodie to bed.

I thought this winter was awesome. I loved it. I’ll take four months straight of -30 any season over what we normally get here, which is a yo-yo of cold and mild which turns everything into a bloody wet mess. I just dressed for it and enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities.

I’m usually as active, or even more active, in winter as compared to summer.
But this winter has been brutal - many of the places I typically take my dogs for off-leash hikes have been solid ice, and unsafe frozen bodies of water, so it’s just plain not safe. Too icy on too many days for x-country skiing. The roads and sidewalks have been covered with inches of lumpy ice since mid-December. We’ve had way too many ridiculously cold days, a record-breaking week-long ice storm (during which I lost power for almost six days, including Christmas day), several Snowmageddons that made driving literally impossible (1.2 more inches of snow and my county breaks the all-time record, and the county couldn’t keep up with plowing roads) and too many depressingly gray days to count. And all through January and most of February, my job commute was about 80 miles round trip and way too many of those commutes were of the slow and white-knuckle variety. And I have months-old strata of frozen dog shit in my back yard that is just now being slowly uncovered as the ice melts. I am usually REALLY diligent about poop-pick-up, but this winter has been a challenge. Oh, and stupid electric and gas bills too, even though I tend to keep the heat on the low side.

/whiny rant

On the other hand, right now it’s only 17F, but sunny, and it feels positively balmy. Day before yesterday we were teased with temps in the high 40s, so after work I ran home and threw all my windows open, which was refreshing and, well, bracing. :smiley: And I’ve had record numbers of different birds at my bird feeders, which is nice to watch.

Hopefully we won’t get a fast thaw. When it got to almost 50 the other day, several roads were flooded by the melting snow and had to be closed. I’ve got bales of straw broken up and scattered just off the back porch, which lessens the insane amount of mud tracked in by my dogs when all that ice turns to nasty slop on warm-ish days.

On a positive note, meteorologists are calling for a mild summer, yay.

The weather on Saturday was fan-freakin’-tastic. I loved it.

And now we’re supposed to get another 2-4 inches of snow tonight. The snow has finally melted in my back yard, and now we’re going to get more? Sheesh.

Hey, at least all this long-term cold and brief warm snaps will put a serious dent into the stink bug population.

Oh man, I wish our snow was gone. It was warmish here yesterday too, so only 2 more feet of snow in the yard to melt…

I have lived in Chicago-ish my entire life, and I have adopted a policy of not expecting decent weather until about the time income taxes are due. Ever since, winters- even this one- have been a little easier. Give it another month.

That is a yay! Personally, I’d much rather have a harsh winter and a mild summer than vice versa (well, both being mild would be nice, but I’m not pushing my luck). I don’t like the cold, but I really, really hate extreme heat. The constant, inescapable sweat, the bugs, not being able the use an oven . . . I like fresh fruit, but come on. There’s always a certain time in the summer months when I start mentally counting the days until winter . . .

It’s still cold here, but last week we had one warm day. Every year around this time, there’s that one moment when you step outside, look up at the sky, and feel the sun. Ahh.

Same here - going through menopause changed my inner thermostat forever and while I used to be able to happily go hiking in Arizona desert heat or embrace a Midwestern humid hot summer day, I am now deeply and truly unhappy when it gets hot and humid. Huddling inside with fans and air conditioning really doesn’t make me feel much better.

I’m in mid-SE Michigan where we tend to get both extremes but if I HAD to choose one over the other, I’d go for winter weather; because one can acclimate to it (eventually!)

I’m in Vermont. We got two more FEET of snow this week, and the pile of snow by the driveway is eight feet tall. This winter, more than any other, I’m understanding Louis Black’s comment about how you start wanting to open your veins just to see some damn color.

It really frustrates me that the weather keeps switching back and forth from warmish (50 degrees or so) to freezing and stores don’t adjust their thermostats on the warm days so I feel like I’m dying in a sauna when I need to go to the bank, the drugstore, etc.

$700 electric bill this last time. Do I really feel like getting up early tomorrow morning and spending an hour or two on the tractor to tunnel out of my driveway? Shit. Enough.

Good lord, $700? Is that just for heating your house?

My landlord wanted to know what the deal was when our electric bill was almost $300 and we suspect it was due to one of our roommates who has a space heater. I live in New York which has some of the highest rates (or possibly THE highest rates) for electricity and apparently part of the reason why it was so high is the electric company charges a higher rate once you go past a certain usage amount or something like that.