OK, everybody, let's form a conga line!

It’s official. I start work at the Flamingo Hilton next Monday.

I want to celebrate by forming the world’s largest conga line, one that will stretch from Fremont Street all the way up to Flamingo Road.

So, come on, Dopers, line up and let’s dance!!!

do-do-do do-do DO-doooo,
do-do-do do-do DO-doooo,
do do-do doooo,
do do-do doooo,

and you thought we Brits were reserved types!

::grabs glee’s waist::

let’s go!

Grabbing on.
Always good to get in on the beginning of one of these, the end can get a little ‘crack the whip’ effect sometimes.

Hangin on to Danalan

I’m not going to get brain fluid on my hands am I?

grabs hold

Come on shake your body baby do the conga…

I’m so coming there and harrassing you with large tips. Hopefully sometime around Xmas. I’ll bring my wife.

Count me in! :slight_smile:

Sounds kinda kinky. So definitely count me in!

Leads the line up from Fremont, now approaching Sahara