Ok, how do I get rid of this pop up?

It looks like a Windows question box, it is blue bordered with an OK button and X in the top right. IIRC “Messenger Service” is written on the top border. Mostly its ridiculous messages asking me to contact foriegners for sex, then once in a while an ad takes its place asking me to buy software to remove this popup ad.
Can’t remember where I’ve been to pick it up and before you ask I’ve installed the Google toolbar and Spybot.


Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

Then scroll down until you find a service called “Messanger.” Right-click on it, select “Properties.” Set the “Start up type” to “Disabled.”

If that is too intimidating, here is a little utility that does it for you:


Ok, done that, i’ll check back if it is gone, cheers all! :slight_smile: