does anyone else get those annoying popups that are more like dialogue boxes than browser type webpages? you know those ones that say “if you are getting this message, your information is being sent out all over the net… these messages are sent to windows 2000, ME, XP… go to www.blockmessenger.com… etc…”? i have a built-in popup stopper on AOL 8.0, but it doesn’t block this kind. there are things you can buy to stop them at www.blockmessneger.com, but they cost like $40. is there any free way to block these things?

Well, as long as you have Windows XP or 2000, then just follow these directions.

Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

Disable “Messenger” and set it to Manual.

Should be problem solved.

If you’re seeing pop-ups that look like dialog boxes, it’s probably just a webpage with the borders removed. You can tell (if you’ve changed any of your default settings) that it’s not a real dialog box if the colors don’t match your colors. For example, many of those “faked” dialog boxes use the default Windows 98 display colors (blue fading into something, can’t remember), even if you’re running Win XP or if you’ve changed those settings. The best way to close those is from your taskbar or simply using the Task Manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL; if you see an X and click on it, you’ll fall in to their trap.

Pop-up blockers are pretty easy to find. Try a Google search. I use the one that comes standard with Norton’s firewall (Norton Internet Security).